How to Quickly Obtain Minerals in Stardew Valley

The game stardew valley is an open-world rural RPG game that requires a lot of materials to build a farm, so how do you quickly obtain minerals? Next, read from “famous professor” about the desert mining in stardew valley , and see how it works.

After reaching level 120, you will get a skeleton key. Its purpose is to complete the community center task to unlock the desert area, which can enter the desert mine tunnels.

Since there is no elevator in the mine tunnels (you reached level 80 today, and tomorrow you still have to go down from the first level again), And the mining density is very much related to the number of mining layers, in order to get a lot of ore by mining, the mining method is used without fighting, without using knives, and find the way down to the next level by blasting rocks to the bottom of the mine tunnels.


  1. Bugs(eating food to pause) in the 1.1.5 version of the game have been fixed.
  2. The biggest impact on the mining efficiency is the luck, so wait for the best luck levle(Watching television, the fairy will bring good luck to all people.).
  3. Foods that have a positive impact on luck are not as big as you might imagine. But still, I recommend preparing some.
  4. Remember to eat food if your HP is below half (recommended golden star cheese). If you meet too many dragons, you will likely be killed.
  5. The ladder is not that important, and you should bring enough explosives (100+)
  6. Mining until 2am does not matter, you will not die, and you will not lose anything.
  7. You must prepare a transmission for the desert! (uses 3 crystals to purchase at the dersert merchant ) .You can tp to there early in the morning , without waiting for the 10 o’clock bus. This is very important.
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