How to Teleport in Stardew Valley Expanded: A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) is an incredible mod that adds a wealth of new content to the beloved farming game, including new locations, NPCs, crops, and gameplay mechanics. One of the most useful features introduced in SVE is the ability to teleport between locations. In this article, we’ll delve into the ins and outs of teleporting in Stardew Valley Expanded and provide helpful tips to help you navigate your farm and the surrounding areas more efficiently.

Introduction to Teleportation

In Stardew Valley Expanded, teleportation is primarily achieved through the use of Warp Totems. These magical items instantly transport you to specific locations, saving you valuable time and energy as you navigate the world. Whether you’re looking to reach the far corners of your farm or quickly get to the town center, Warp Totems are indispensable tools for any serious farmer.

Obtaining Warp Totems

Warp Totems can be obtained in several ways:

  • Finding them: Occasionally, you may come across Warp Totems while exploring the world or as rewards from treasure chests.
  • Purchasing them: Some vendors sell Warp Totems. For instance, Mr. Qi’s shop in Qi’s Walnut Room offers a selection of them in exchange for Qi Gems.
  • Crafting them: The most reliable way to obtain Warp Totems is by crafting them. As you progress in the game, you’ll unlock recipes for various Warp Totems, which can then be crafted using the appropriate materials.

Crafting Warp Totems

Crafting Warp Totems requires specific resources, which can be found or grown on your farm or in the surrounding areas. The following is a list of common Warp Totems and their crafting recipes:

  • Warp Totem: Farm
    • 1x Hardwood
    • 1x Honey
    • 20x Fiber
  • Warp Totem: Mountains
    • 1x Hardwood
    • 1x Iron Bar
    • 25x Stone
  • Warp Totem: Beach
    • 1x Hardwood
    • 2x Coral
    • 10x Fiber
  • Warp Totem: Desert
    • 2x Hardwood
    • 10x Iridium Bar
    • 1x Coconut
    • 4x Iridium Ore
  • Warp Totem: Island
    • 5x Hardwood
    • 1x Dragon Tooth
    • 1x Ginger
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As you progress in the game, you may also unlock recipes for Warp Totems that transport you to SVE-specific locations.

Using Warp Totems

Using Warp Totems is simple:

  1. Open your inventory and select the desired Warp Totem.
  2. Right-click (or press the use button) to activate the Warp Totem.
  3. You’ll be instantly teleported to the corresponding location.

Keep in mind that Warp Totems are single-use items, meaning that they are consumed upon activation. Make sure to have a steady supply of materials to craft more when needed.

Additional Teleportation Methods

In addition to Warp Totems, there are a few other methods of teleportation in Stardew Valley Expanded:

  • Minecart System: Unlocked by completing the “Boiler Room” bundle in the Community Center or Joja Warehouse (depending on your chosen route), the Minecart System provides quick access between the Bus Stop, the Mines, and the Quarry.
  • Return Scepter: This powerful tool can be purchased from Mr. Qi’s shop for 2 million gold. When used, it teleports you back to your farm’s front door, making it incredibly useful for those long days of exploration.
  • Obelisks: These permanent structures can be built on your farm and provide instant teleportation to specific locations. There are four types of Obelisks, each corresponding to a different location: Earth (mountains), Water (beach), Desert, and Island. Each Obelisk can be purchased from the Wizard’s Tower after achieving 4-heart friendship with the Wizard and requires various resources and gold to build.
  • Mini-Obelisk: A crafted fast-travel item that can be kept anywhere within your farm in Stardew Valley. To teleport from one location to another, you need two of them to be used as a pair. You can get this fast travel option by completing the Wizard’s special order quest.
  • Witch Hut: You can see this inside the Witch’s Swamp in the Stardew Valley game. It is unlocked when you have completed the Dark Talisman Quest. There are different shrines inside the Witch Hut – the Magic Ink belonging to the Wizard and a red teleport run are among the shrines. When you return the Magic Ink, five Magic Buildings will be unlocked for the farm. You will be teleported to the basement room of the Wizard’s Tower when you step in the rune. When you gain four hearts of friendship with this Wizard, you can use the teleport rune in the Wizard’s Tower and Witch’s Hut anytime to fast travel between the two destinations.
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How to Unlock the Nexus

Stardew Valley Expanded Nexus is one of the travel fast options of this mod. With it, you can move to another location instantly. To unlock the Stardew Valley Expanded nexus, there are different requirements you must meet:

  • Go to the Adventurer’s Guild to meet Alesia
  • Go to the desert to find the Galaxy Sword
  • Remove the boulder which blocks your access to the Summit by finishing Clint’s quest
  • Reach the top of the caldera on Ginger Island

How to Unlock Warp Points

Moving from one location to another in Stardew Valley Expanded can be exhausting. This will make you move slower. With Wrap Points or technology, you can travel immediately from one destination to another. To unlock warp points for Stardew Valley Expanded fast travel is not difficult. You can trigger or unlock them at:

  • Aurora Vineyard
  • Sprite Spring
  • Junimo Village
  • Adventurers Guild


Moving around different locations in the Stardew Valley Expanded mod can be tedious and stressful since it has an addition of many locations like farms, houses, and event locations. To make your life much easier, teleporting from one destination to the other in Stardew Valley is the way to go. Through Stardew Valley Expanded Nexus and other fast travel options, you can instantly move to other locations. With this option, you can have time to do other needs like farming, fishing, planting, etc. Just follow the steps above to unlock these teleport options and start traveling immediately.

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