How to Update Stardew Valley Expanded: A Step-by-Step Guide

Stardew Valley Expanded is a mod for the popular farming simulation game Stardew Valley. With the addition of new locations, features, characters, and events, the mod has enhanced the gaming experience. Thus, Stardew Valley Expanded updating creates an immersive and high-quality experience.

Why is it important to update the mod?

We have enough reasons to update the Stardew Valley Expanded mod. Here are the top reasons to update the mod:

  • It helps fix glitches and bugs in the mod to improve the overall stability and performance
  • Updates can add new content or features to mod to provide players with new experiences or challenges
  • Updating the mod ensures compatibility with the latest game version
  • Ensures smooth running of the game

Preparing to Update

The first step is preparing to update your Stardew Valley mod. What does the preparation entail? It involves backing up your saved files and removing any conflicting mods. These steps are key in ensuring a hassle-free and smooth update process. You can enjoy the updated mod with the latest content and features without any issues.

Start by backing up your saved files to prevent data corruption or loss while updating the mod. You can back up these files by getting to the game’s save folder in your PC’s ‘AppData” folder. Copy and paste the entire folder to a safe location on the external drive or computer. With the data safe, you can easily restore to the previous state if something goes wrong during the process.

Besides backing your saved files, ensure that you remove any conflicting mods. These include those incompatible with the game’s latest version or any additional features. Experts recommend you review the mod’s compatibility and ensure the latest version is compatible with all the mods.

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Updating the Mod

Before Updating the Mod

Before updating the mod, make sure to back up your saved files. You can do this by copying the save folder to another location or using a backup tool.

Remove any conflicting mods that may cause issues with the updated mod. Check the mod description or consult with the mod creator to ensure compatibility.

To update Stardew Valley Expanded, the recommended procedure is:

  1. Rename your old mods folder to mods_old
  2. Create a new mods folder
  3. Delete the folder in the Mods folder for any mods being updated
  4. Copy over the new version from the zip archive

Platform Specifics

For PC users, the process is the same on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


  1. Right click the zip archive and select Extract All
  2. Select the location you want the files to be extracted to
  3. Copy the extracted files to your mods folder


  1. Double-click the zip archive
  2. Select the files to be extracted
  3. Copy the extracted files to your mods folder


  1. Right click the zip archive and select Extract Here
  2. Copy the extracted files to your mods folder


It is important to note that overwriting files may leave old files in place that can cause problems. Therefore, it is recommended to delete the folder in the Mods folder for any mods being updated and then copy over the new version from the updated zip archive.

Download and Install the Latest Version

  1. Download the latest version of the mod from a reputable modding site, such as Nexus Mods or ModDrop.
  2. Extract the downloaded mod files to a folder on your computer.
  3. Open the SMAPI launcher and ensure that it is up-to-date. (If not, Just install the new version; the installer will automatically clean up previous versions.)
  4. Drag and drop the mod files into the “Mods” folder located in your Stardew Valley game directory (Replace Old Files).
  5. Launch the game using the SMAPI launcher to ensure that the mod has been installed correctly.
  6. Check the SMAPI console for any errors or warnings. If there are any issues, check the mod description or consult with the mod creator for help.
  7. Start a new game or load an existing save file to test the updated mod.
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Enjoy the Updated Content

Enjoy the updated content and features of the mod in your Stardew Valley gameplay!

Note: It’s important to note that some mods may require additional steps or have different installation procedures. Always read the mod description and follow the instructions provided by the mod creator to ensure a successful update.

New Content and Features

The latest Stardew Valley Expanded mod has numerous options along with information on its new content and features. These features enhance the gaming experience. Let’s look at some of the new locations, events, and NPCs that the latest version adds:

  • New NPCs – the latest version adds various new non-playable characters (NPCs) like Susan, Leo, Victor, and Olivia to the game. Each NPC has a unique personality, backstory, and dialogue to add variety to the game’s characters.
  • New locations – the Stardew Valley Expanded introduces various new locations, like the Witch’s Swamp, the Island West, and the Southfield Desert. These areas offer new resources, storylines, and quests that add more diversity to the game.
  • New events – the mod adds various new game events, like side quests, cutscenes, and festivals. The new events add variety and more depth to the game allowing new opportunities for games to interact with NPCs.

The mod enhances the gameplay experience by providing players with new features and content to explore. In addition, it adds more depth to the storylines and allows more customization options. With the new events, locations, and NPCs, players find more opportunities to engage with the gaming world. Lastly, the mods allow new crafting recipes, items, and crops to provide customization options and new gameplay mechanics.

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Modding in Stardew Valley

Due to its benefits, modding in Stardew Valley has become increasingly popular among most players. Here are the top benefits of modding in Stardew Valley:

  • Enhances the gameplay experience
  • Adds customization options, new features, and content
  • Improves graphics and quality of the game
  • Helps fix bugs
  • Increases the game’s replay value

Experts recommend the following tips for choosing and installing these mods:

  • Ensure the mod is compatible with the game version you’re using
  • Read reviews
  • Look for mods that the source updates frequently
  • Follow the creator’s instructions when installing the mod
  • Use a trusted mod manager like SMAPI
  • Back up your game files prior to installing the mod

The common modding issues include installation errors, crashes, and conflicts between mods. You can troubleshoot these by removing any conflicting mods, checking the mod’s compatibility, and ensuring the SMAPI is up to date. You can consult forum posts or mod documentation for troubleshooting if the issue persists.


Updating Stardew Valley Expanded is the best way to enhance your gaming experience. Start by backing up your game files, downloading the necessary tools & mods and following the mod creator’s installation process. Staying up-to-date with the latest mod updates ensures a smooth and enjoyable gameplay experience in Stardew Valley Expanded. The next steps for updating Stardew Valley Expanded will focus on adding more content to improve the game’s mechanics.

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