Easily Install Stardew Valley Expanded on Android

How to install Stardew Valley Expanded on Android

Hey, what’s up, everybody? So today, I’m going to show you how to get started with Stardew Valley Expanded, installed, and working properly on your Android device. Let’s get into it.

Install SMAPI

In order to install Stardew Valley Expanded on your Android device, you will need to first download the Smapi installer for Android from the link provided. Once installed, open the app and tap on the “install” button to download the modded version of Stardew Valley. After the download is complete, run the game.

Smapi installer

Downloading the Stardew Valley Expanded

First, you’re going to open up the mod-drop URL for Stardew Valley Expanded and download the mod itself. The current version for Android is 1.11.6. There are mods that go with it that are required for it to work properly.

Stardew Valley Expanded Android: v 1.11.6 (Click Download-> See all ->Version 1.11.6)

Stardew Valley Expanded Android Mod Download

Install ZArchiver, use it to extract ** Stardew Valley Expanded.zip** to the mods folder(/Storage/emulated/0/StardewValley/mods/)


Extract Stardew Valley Expanded.zip

Mods Folder


Downloading the Required Mods

Once you have the Stardew Valley Expanded mod installed, you’ll need to download each of the required mods that it needs to work properly. (extract them to the mods folder too )

First is the content patcher and the version we need is right there up at the top 1.19.0.

Content Patcher v 1.19.0

Next, we’re going to go to the Expanded Preconditions Utility mod. This one is through nexus. The version that we’re going to be downloading is going to be 1.0.0.

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Expanded Preconditions Utility v1.0.0

after that, we’re going to need the Generic Mod Config Menu mod, which you need 1.2.0 for.

Generic Mod Config Menu v1.2.0

Next is the farm type manager, which is specifically for starter valley 1.4.5 which is the version that we’re working with today. For the farm type manager, you’re going to need version 1.9.3 this specifically says what version it’s for: 1.4.5

FarmTypeManager v1.9.3

Next we need the json assets and this version you need 1.6.2 which is right up at the top specifically for android players

JsonAssets v1.6.2

next is space core this one we’re going to need the version 1.4.0

SpaceCore 1.4.0

next is PYTK, we need version 1.19.6

PYTK V1.9.6

next is TMXL Map Toolkit v1.20

TMXL Map Toolkit v1.20

Shop Tile Framework is the last one we need, and you’ll need version 1.0.1 for it.

Shop Tile Framework v1.0.1

Now you mods folder should looks like this:

SVE Full Mod lists

Type the SMAPI Stardew Valley App to start your game now

SMAPI Stardew Valley App Icon

New Content from SVE


Here is a Link including all the mods

MediaFire link

Optional Mods

There are some optional mods that I really like, such as DaisyNikos Earthy Recolour, which just gives the game a whole new vibe and look. The version you need for this one is 1.0.3. Another option is the Vintage Interface, which changes the way your menu of things looks and gives it more of a toned-down vibe, which I really like. The version you’re going to need for that is v2.2.3.

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