Jealousy Mechanics in Stardew Valley: Can You Still Date After Marriage?

Hello fellow Stardew Valley players! In the game, there are 12 marriageable characters, allowing for same-sex and opposite-sex marriages, as well as cohabitation with monsters. Each character has numerous heart events, including 8-heart, 10-heart romance, 14-heart post-marriage, and group events for all male or female characters. Many players want to experience more in-game events and often wonder if they can still date others after getting married. They’re curious about whether they can trigger other characters’ 10-heart events without upsetting their spouse.

In this article, we’ll discuss the jealousy mechanics in Stardew Valley.

Can You Date Others After Marriage?

Yes, you can still date other characters after getting married. To do so, simply raise the marriageable character’s hearts to 8 and then give them a bouquet. Your marriage status won’t affect your ability to reach 10 hearts and trigger the 10-heart romance events. However, you cannot marry another character using the Mermaid’s Pendant, nor can you invite Krobus to live with you unless you divorce first.

How to Tell If Your Spouse Is Jealous

You can tell your spouse is jealous when they mention hearing that you secretly gave a gift to someone else. Their affection will decrease by 30 points. This may seem more like a confrontation than jealousy, but the result is the same.

What Triggers Jealousy?

Interactions with other villagers, such as talking or completing tasks, do not trigger jealousy. Even participating in romance events, like kissing Elliott on a boat or spending time with Haley and Sam, won’t upset your spouse.

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The only trigger for jealousy is giving gifts. However, giving gifts to non-marriageable villagers will not cause jealousy. Interestingly, giving gifts to villagers of the opposite sex of your spouse also won’t trigger jealousy.

For instance, if your spouse is male, they will only be jealous if you give gifts to other men. If your spouse is female, they will only be jealous if you give gifts to other women. Your spouse will not be jealous of gifts given to opposite-sex characters or when establishing non-romantic relationships with others.

Jealousy Probability

The base probability for triggering jealousy is 30%. This means that if you give gifts to a marriageable character of the same sex as your spouse ten times, only three instances might result in jealousy. The probability is further influenced by luck. Each day, your luck can either increase or decrease the likelihood of jealousy by 10%. Special charms can also reduce jealousy by 2.5%.

In conclusion, jealousy in Stardew Valley is a rare occurrence with specific triggers. You can still interact with other characters, give gifts, and participate in events without upsetting your spouse. If you have any additional information or want to discuss this topic further, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks for reading, and see you in the next article!

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