JojaMart in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

As the newcomer to Pelican Town, one of your first experiences will likely be exploring where to shop for essentials. Two major contenders stand out: Pierre’s General Store and JojaMart. This article delves into the latter, providing an in-depth look into what JojaMart offers and how it competes with or falls short of Pierre’s establishment.

Location and Hours

JojaMart is located on the eastern edge of Pelican Town, farther away from your farm than Pierre’s General Store. Despite the extra travel time, JojaMart comes with the benefit of extended hours. Open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., it also doesn’t close its doors on Wednesdays, unlike Pierre’s.

Inside JojaMart

Upon entering, you’ll find the sales counter to the left. Initially, the cashier doesn’t have a name in the vanilla version of the game. The store layout is straightforward but less rustic and more commercial compared to Pierre’s.

Staple Products

Joja Cola

A stable offering at JojaMart is the Joja Cola. Though you can also obtain this item through fishing or the vending machine at the Saloon, buying it at JojaMart is convenient but not cost-effective. Priced at 75g, it only restores 13 energy points, making it a poor choice compared to foraged items like Salmonberries.


While not exclusive to JojaMart, wallpaper here is cheaper at 20g compared to Pierre’s random wallpapers priced at 100g. However, Pierre sells the same designs as JojaMart did the previous day, which some may consider a form of competition.

Joja Cola Light

A decorative item, the Joja Cola Light adds a fluorescent touch to your farmhouse during the day. However, it won’t glow at night. While it’s not rare—you can also find it in the furniture catalog—it’s a nice aesthetic addition for those who appreciate it.

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Seasonal Seeds

In the spring, for example, you’ll find spring-specific seeds at JojaMart. However, the store’s selection falls short when compared to Pierre’s. Missing varieties include Corn and Blueberries in the summer, and several others like Garlic, Rice Shoot, Red Cabbage, and Artichoke in Year 2 and beyond. Moreover, JojaMart does not offer any fertilizers or fruit tree saplings.

Prices and Membership

The initial prices at JojaMart are 25% higher than those at Pierre’s. However, upon purchasing a Joja membership, the prices level out to match those at Pierre’s store. Despite this, JojaMart doesn’t offer any special discounts, missing an opportunity for a competitive edge. The only exception is the Sunflower Seeds: non-members pay 125g, while members pay 100g. In contrast, Pierre sells them for 200g.

JojaMart vs. Pierre’s


Pierre’s store is generally closed on Wednesdays, but given that seeds are usually purchased at the beginning of the month, this doesn’t usually present a significant issue.


Pierre’s offers a broader selection of seeds, fertilizers, and saplings, making it a better option for players looking to diversify their farms.

Sell Items

Unlike JojaMart, Pierre’s store buys items from you. This makes Pierre’s more convenient for players looking to sell produce or other items.

Competitive Pricing

While JojaMart can match Pierre’s prices with membership, it doesn’t offer the variety or the option to sell items.

The Joja Route

The real advantage of going the Joja route lies in its Town Development Projects. These are generally easier to complete than the Community Center bundles, albeit at a cost. One of the biggest incentives is the ability to purchase an Auto-Petter for 50,000g, a convenience that is undeniably appealing for players with livestock.

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In summary, JojaMart offers an alternative to Pierre’s, but it comes with its share of disadvantages, such as its distance from the farm, higher initial prices, and limited variety. Its extended hours and Town Development Projects could be seen as its redeeming qualities.

However, it’s no surprise that JojaMart struggles to compete with Pierre’s. While it may suit players who opt for the Joja route for town upgrades, for most, Pierre’s store remains the superior choice for its diversity, pricing, and the ability to sell items. Whether you’re a casual player or aiming to maximize your farm’s output, understanding the pros and cons of shopping at JojaMart can make your Stardew Valley experience more fulfilling.

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