junimo woods maze path in (SVE) stardew valley expanded

The Junimo Woods are a mysterious and magical part of Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). They are located in the southwest corner of Cindersap Forest, and can only be accessed after completion of the Community Center. After entering the woods, the player is presented with a maze, which must be solved in order to reach the Junimo Village.

Jumino Area Warp Point

Many players have been stuck on the maze, unable to find a solution. Thankfully, a guide has been created which contains a full screenshot of the entire area. With this diagram, players can easily traverse the maze and get to the Junimo Village, where they can access the portal to the Enchanted Grove.

stardew valley expanded junimo woods

Once the player has unlocked the portal to the Enchanted Grove, they are able to teleport there at any time. However, some players have encountered a bug where the portal takes them off the map. This is likely due to the player forgetting to update their content.json file when they updated SVE. The solution to this bug is to either delete the save after the day they updated, or to change the save file from the error situation back to normal.

It is also possible to access the Junimo Woods and the secret forest if the player has chosen to go the Joja route. After Morris gives the player a ceremony for getting the warehouse, the next time they enter the Cindersap Forest, they will be shown a cutscene with Krobus and apples and gain access to the secret woods.

The Junimo Woods, secret forest, and Enchanted Grove are all important parts of Stardew Valley Expanded, and by understanding the various ways in which they can be accessed, players can make full use of the content available in the game.

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