Locations of the 8 Cherry Blossom Trees In Tears of the Kingdom

The Role of the Mountain Gods and the Bubbul Gems

This tutorial primarily explains the locations of the eight Mountain Gods, represented by eight cherry blossom trees, for the purpose of quickly obtaining Bubbul Gems and unlocking the Monster Shop. In the Monster Shop, Bubbul Gems can be exchanged for various monster masks and fairy sets.

The Mountain Gods play a significant role in the game. When an apple is placed on the altar beneath each cherry blossom tree, a cutscene featuring a Mountain God will be triggered. The Mountain God then marks all the caves in the area with a beam of light. Remember to retrieve your apple after the marking is done. Each cave contains only one Bubbul Gem, which does not respawn with the Blood Moon and is unique. Once taken, it’s gone.

Bubbul Frogs, which usually hang from the cave ceiling, emit a sound when approached. When searching, try to look upwards and use arrows to knock them down. The light beam lasts for about 30 minutes before gradually disappearing, after which you need to summon the Mountain God again for marking. Two close light beams might not indicate two caves, but two entrances to the same cave. After defeating the Bubble in the cave, a checkmark will appear on the cave icon on the map. You can check the map to see which caves you haven’t explored yet.

Locations of the Eight Cherry Blossom Trees

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