Luck in Stardew Valley: All You Need to Know

Hello, friends! Today, we’ll discuss luck in Stardew Valley, diving into the two categories: daily luck and luck boosts. Daily luck comes from two sources: the luck displayed on the television, which ranges from -0.1 to 0.1, and a special charm obtained by exchanging a rabbit’s foot, with a value of 0.025. Let’s take a closer look at how the television displays luck.

Section 1: Television Luck Display

The television displays your daily luck by showing specific images and texts based on the luck value range for the day. When luck is less than -0.07, the TV shows a red skull sprite with a text saying that the spirits are very displeased and will do their best to make your day difficult. This represents the worst possible luck.

When luck is between -0.07 and -0.02, the television shows a black bat and the text states that the spirits are annoyed and you’ll experience bad luck. If luck is between 0.02 and 0.07, the TV displays a yellow pyramid and the text mentions that the spirits are in good spirits, and you’ll have good luck for the day.

When luck is greater than 0.07, the TV shows a purple Stardrop, indicating an excellent luck day, as the spirits are very happy and will bring good fortune to everyone. If luck is between -0.02 and 0.02 but not zero, the television shows two orbs rotating around a light point, meaning the spirits are neutral, and your fortune is in your own hands.

In the rare case when luck is exactly zero, the TV image remains the same as the neutral luck display. This represents the spirits being indifferent, which may not seem like a zero-luck situation, but it is. The television displays the same images for different luck values within the specified ranges.

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Section 2: Special Charms and Luck Predictions

If you obtain a special charm, it will alter your daily luck value, and the television image and predictions will change accordingly. Your luck for the day is determined by your actions the previous day. Just like the weather, you cannot know your exact luck for the following day unless you use a luck predictor. The main difference between weather and luck is that weather affects the day after tomorrow, while luck impacts tomorrow.

Section 3: Luck Boosts from Rings and Food

Wearing luck rings and consuming luck-boosting foods will also increase your luck. Wearing a luck ring won’t show any display, but eating food will show a luck icon in the top-right corner. The value of this luck boost is significant. A single luck ring adds one luck point, two rings add two points, and a Magic Rock Candy adds five points. The calculations for these two types of luck are different, and they cannot be simply added together. Their effects may also vary.

Remember, even if you wear a luck ring and eat luck-boosting food, the television’s daily luck prediction remains essential.

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