Maple Tree Stardew Valley: Your Guide to Growing and Tapping

Ever found yourself wandering in the forest regions of your Stardew Valley map, wondering how to tell an oak tree from a maple tree? Or perhaps you’re eyeing that elusive maple syrup for your bee houses but can’t quite find the right trees to tap? Worry not! This guide breaks down the characteristics and benefits of maple and oak trees in Stardew Valley, so you’ll never be stumped again.

A side-by-side comparison of oak and maple trees in various seasons
A side-by-side comparison of oak and maple trees in various seasons

The Anatomy of Oak and Maple Trees

Both oak and maple trees have their unique features, making them easily distinguishable if you know what to look for. Let’s dive in:

Oak Trees

  • Trunk: Straighter than maple trees.
  • Seeds: Drop acorns.
  • Leaf Color: Lighter green in spring, teal/turquoise in summer, and orange in fall.
  • Canopy: Thicker and leaves are clumped together, giving the tree a “big puff” appearance.

Maple Trees

  • Trunk: Curved, often splits into two large branches in winter.
  • Seeds: Drop “helicopter” seeds.
  • Leaf Color: Darker green in spring, light teal with seed-like dots in summer, and reddish-purple in fall.
  • Canopy: Less dense, leaves are spaced out, allowing the trunk to be visible.

Where to Find Them?

Oak Trees

You’ll find oak trees scattered throughout your farm and in the forest regions of the map.

Maple Trees

Head to the south of the forest region of the map to find maple trees. Once there, you can install a tapper to collect that precious maple syrup every nine days. This is particularly useful for crafting bee houses.

How to Get Maple Seeds

Maple seeds are essential for planting your own maple trees. Here’s how to obtain them:

  1. Chop Down Mature Maple Trees: Use an axe to chop down a mature maple tree. This can yield wood, sap, and importantly, maple seeds.
  2. Forage Around the Farm: Maple seeds can also be found lying around your farm or in the Cindersap Forest.

Planting Maple Trees

To plant a maple tree, all you need is a maple seed. No tilled soil or fertilizer is needed; just ensure that the eight squares around the sapling are clear. The tree goes through four stages of growth before maturing, with the median time to maturity being 24 days.

Caring for Your Trees

For both types of trees, the growth is initially random but becomes consistent afterward. Oak trees require the same conditions as maple trees for planting and care. When it comes to chopping, using an axe is the only way to yield wood, sap, and possible seeds.

Pro Tips

  • If you’re new to the game and haven’t ventured past spring, try cutting one of each tree to see the difference.
  • For the maple syrup enthusiasts, remember that a tapped maple tree yields syrup every 9 days.
  • If you’re only interested in maple syrup, you can place taps on the trees in the Bus Stop or Cindersap Forest south of your farm.


In Stardew Valley, knowing your oaks from your maples can make a big difference in your farming strategy. Whether it’s for crafting, making money, or beekeeping, mastering tree identification adds another layer of fun and complexity to the game. Happy farming!

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