Mastering Field of View in Stardew Valley for Efficient Mining and Farming

Stardew Valley is not just another farming simulator; it’s a world rich in activities like fishing, mining, and battling monsters. As you dive deeper into the Stardew universe, the efficiency of your activities can become crucial. One lesser-known yet important aspect affecting this efficiency is the game’s ‘Field of View’ or FOV.

In this article, we will explore various ways to tweak and optimize your FOV in Stardew Valley, from settings adjustments to command line tweaks. Whether you are delving into mines or tilling your farm, these tips will amplify your gameplay experience manifold.

Understanding the Importance of Field of View

When you are inside a mine battling it out with monsters or hunting for valuable ores, your efficiency can shoot up exponentially if you have a broader field of view.

zoomed in fixed
zoomed in fixed

Why Does FOV Matter?

A larger field of view allows you to:

  • Detect enemies from afar, giving you more time to prepare or dodge attacks.
  • Spot ores, gems, and other valuable resources more easily.
  • Keep a better eye on traps and obstacles.

Methods to Adjust Field of View in Stardew Valley

In-Game Settings

  1. Adjusting the Zoom Level: Navigate to the game settings and find the ‘Zoom Level’ option. By default, it is set to 100%.
    • Increasing the Zoom: Press the ‘+’ button next to the zoom level to zoom in, thereby reducing the FOV.
    • Decreasing the Zoom: Press the ‘-’ button to zoom out, which enlarges your FOV.

  1. Toggle Zoom Button: Below the zoom level option, there is a ‘Toggle Zoom’ button. Select it to add a zoom button on the top-right corner of your screen, making it easier to adjust the FOV as you play.
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The zoom levels range from 75% to 200%. If you’re using a 2K or 4K screen, these settings should be sufficient as the game’s FOV is directly tied to your screen resolution.

Advanced Tweaks Using SMAPI

For those who find the standard settings lacking, especially if your screen resolution is lower than 1920×1080, here’s how you can adjust your field of view beyond the standard settings:

  1. Utilizing SMAPI Commands: The Stardew Modding API (SMAPI) allows you to directly alter the game’s settings using commands.
    • Input debug zl[number] (e.g., debug zl75) in the command window.
    • The FOV will adjust to the percentage entered.
the SMAPI command window with the debug zl command entered.
the SMAPI command window with the debug zl command entered.

Comparing Zoom Levels

Let’s understand what these zoom levels look like in practical gameplay scenarios:

  1. Zoom Level 300: Extremely zoomed in; useful for close-up activities but not recommended for mining.
  2. Zoom Level 200: The maximum zoom level allowed by the in-game settings. Adequate for most activities.
  3. Zoom Level 100: The default zoom level, suitable for general gameplay.
  4. Zoom Level 75: The game’s screen expands significantly, covering more areas of your farm and mine.
  5. Zoom Level 50: The FOV becomes extremely broad, allowing you to almost see 70% of your entire farm at once.
the different zoom levels from 300 to 50 for comparison.
the different zoom levels from 300 to 50 for comparison.

When to Adjust Your FOV

Adjusting your FOV isn’t something you’ll do frequently, but certain scenarios warrant a tweak:

  • Mining: When you’re delving into the mines, a larger FOV can be significantly beneficial.
  • Farming: A broader view allows you to see more of your farm, helping you plan and manage better.


Mastering your field of view in Stardew Valley is a nuanced but valuable skill that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience. So, the next time you head to the mines or your farm, make sure to fine-tune your FOV for maximum efficiency and situational awareness. And the best part? All these adjustments can be made without the need for additional mods, making it accessible for all players.

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By incorporating these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Stardew Valley pro, mining more efficiently and running your farm like a well-oiled machine.

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