Mastering Multiplayer in Stardew Valley: 4 Tips You Need to Know

One of the most captivating features of Stardew Valley is its multiplayer mode, where the possibilities are as endless as your creativity. However, playing with others adds new dynamics and quirks that you won’t encounter in single-player. This article will provide you with four must-know tips to make your multiplayer journey more enjoyable and efficient.

1. Horse Summoning and Shared Stables

When you venture into multiplayer mode, you’ll quickly find that each player can build their own stable and own a horse. You can also mount other players’ horses. However, if you purchase a “Horse Whistle” from Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room, the whistle will only summon your own horse.

Horse Whistle

The Quirk of Mid-Summon Teleport

There’s a peculiar action that happens when mounting a horse. During the fraction of a second when a character leaves the ground to mount a horse, if another player summons the same horse, both the horse and the player get teleported to the owner. This teleportation is limited to the same map. However, it can sometimes glitch and send the player outside the map boundaries. Use it wisely, or just for laughs!

2. The Museum’s Multiplied Rewards

In multiplayer, the museum is shared among all players. This means that if one player donates an artifact or mineral, it counts for everyone. What’s better? Rewards can be claimed by every player.

More Players, More Rewards

For instance, if you’re playing with four people, that’s four Ancient Seeds, four Crystalariums, and four Magic Rock Candy! If you extend this to a 10-player server, one donation of an Ancient Seed rewards you with ten Ancient Seeds. This mechanic makes the game incredibly rewarding when played with more people.

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players collecting rewards at the museum
players collecting rewards at the museum

3. Expanding Your Multiplayer Limit

By default, Stardew Valley supports up to four players in a multiplayer session. However, this can be changed.

How to Expand Player Limit

For those using the Steam version, navigate to your save file folder, then go one directory up to find the startup_preferences file. Open it with a text editor and locate <playerLimit>. Change the number between the tags to your desired player count.

Expand Player Limit

4. The Wonders of Wedding Rings

Exclusive to multiplayer is the Wedding Ring, designed specifically for player marriages. The recipe is consistently available at Mr. Qi’s shop for 500g.

Crafting the Wedding Ring

Requirements and Versatility

Crafting it requires five Iridium Bars and a Prismatic Shard. Once crafted, give it to a player to become engaged, and three days later, you’re virtually wedded. The ring doesn’t disappear upon use, so it can be used for multiple player weddings. Plus, crafting the ring is essential for completing the “Craft Master” achievement.

Not only is it a symbol of your in-game matrimony, but the Wedding Ring also has other uses. You can sell it to Marlon, combine it with other rings, and even use it as purple dye for your clothes!


Multiplayer in Stardew Valley offers a fresh perspective on the tranquil farming life. With these tips, you’re better equipped to tackle challenges and reap rewards with your friends.

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