Mastering Tailoring in Stardew Valley Expanded: A Comprehensive Guide

Ah tailoring. A sweet mechanic that I always overuse and end up with five chests full of clothes. It’s fun and experimental, and now I’ll present you with a guide for it. Get your notebook and prepare for a fashion design class, after which you will be the best-dressed person in Pelican Town.

How to Unlock Tailoring

To unlock it, you’ll need to obtain one piece of cloth. The next day Emily will show up at your doorstep and tell you that you can use her sewing machine to create clothes and accessories. That leads us to the next question; how to obtain cloth?

In order to get cloth, you’ll first need to get some rabbits and sheep as they drop wool. Sheep drop it every day, while rabbits drop it every fourth day.

Craft some looms (if you didn’t unlock the recipe, don’t worry, you’ll receive it when you reach farming level 7), and place wool on it. After four in-game hours, your cloth will be ready. Also, there are chances to get two pieces of cloth from one wool if the quality is gold or iridium.

The Sewing Machine

To create new clothes, you will need a Sewing Machine. It’s located here in Emilly’s and Haley’s house, and you can use it whenever you want. You will be able to get it once you fulfill Emilly’s special order by giving her five gems to her.

The location of the sewing machine in Emily's and Haley's house
The sewing machine can be found in Emily’s and Haley’s house

You will need a piece of cloth and an item to create one piece of clothing. One of the most enjoyable parts of the process is experimenting with different items and seeing what results you will get. There is a great number of craftable clothing, so you can always craft something new.

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A crafted Bomber Jacket in Stardew Valley Expanded
A Bomber Jacket crafted in Stardew Valley Expanded

Here I made Bomber Jacket for myself.

The dyeing pots in Emily's house in Stardew Valley Expanded
The dyeing pots can be found in Emily’s house

You can craft shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, and hats.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Tailoring

This one depends on what you want when it comes to tailoring. If you want to have fun, then my honest advice is to experiment with materials and cloth. Stack as many pieces of cloth as you can and have fun while combining them with different items.

Another important thing is to have at least two sheep in your barn as they drop wool each day, and as you earn more hearts with them, they’ll drop high-quality ones that give a double product.

Dyeing Clothes

Together with a sewing machine, you will get access to dyeing pots at Emilly’s house.

To create a dye, interact with the pots and have items in your inventory representing each dye pot. Those colors are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple.

Inventory items have a color dot on the bottom left, corresponding to the dye pot they belong. Alternatively, hovering over each pot shows the available inventory items for that color.

After placing an item into each dye pot, a corresponding dye bottle icon illuminates in the menu. Clicking on this icon reveals a submenu with three distinct options for Hue, Saturation, and Lightness, enabling the selection of color variations for the clothing items being dyed. Unlike traditional dyeing methods, where the input colors couldn’t be used to produce shades like black, gray, and white, the digital sliders permit the creation of these shades. The items utilized in the dye pots are consumed during the process.

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An example of dyeing clothes in Stardew Valley Expanded
An example of dyeing clothes in Stardew Valley Expanded
An example of dyeing clothes in Stardew Valley Expanded
An example of dyeing clothes in Stardew Valley Expanded

Also, one important thing is that the dye comes in three different strengths: the base strength is 25%, followed by medium strength at 50%, and strong strength at 100%. Achieving full-color saturation may require dyeing the clothing up to four times.

Clothing Mods

There are a lot of mods that can improve and enhance the tailoring experience in Stardew Valley and in Stardew Valley Expanded, so here are some of them.

  • Home Sewing Kit by MouseyPounds allows you to craft a Sewing Machine and Dye Cabinet in order to do tailoring at home. You will need to download the Json assets mod to use this mod.
  • Automate by Pathoschild automates crafting and processing. It will save you time when making clothes or dyeing clothing.
  • Portable Dye Pots by CopperSun gives you dye pots. Once you receive the sewing machine from Emily, she will send you another letter the following day containing a set of dye pots.

Now for mods that add new clothes to the game, replace existing ones, and add new things.

  • Seasonal Outfits by Poltergeister gives more variety to clothes that NPCs wear by changing them through seasons, so they won’t be wearing summer clothes during frosty winter nights.
  • Lambeeron’s Oversized Sleeves as the name suggests gives longer sleeves to existing clothing, which is quite cool if you love sweater-like sleeves and if you don’t want to walk during winter with short sleeves.
  • Coii’s collection consists of Coii’s Girls Set Pack, Coii’s All Hats Pack, and Coii’s Basic Shirts Pack. These mods replace vanilla hairstyles, accessories, skirts, shirts, pants, and hats with new textures that were crafted carefully.
  • Seasonal Hats by Beans and Maea adds new seasonal-themed hats to the Mouse Hats shop. For this mod, you will need Json assets and Content Patcher.
  • BB’s Shirt Mod brings 64 unisex shirts to the game.
  • FS – Cozy Scarves by PeacefulEnd adds 15+ dyeable scarves, some of which have special animations. However, you will need the Fashion Sense mod from the same creator in order to run this one. Fashion Sense is a framework that expands clothing possibilities.
  • Rainy Day Clothing by IllogicalMoodSwing adds a raincoat and boots to wear during heavy rain in the game. This is absolutely my favorite clothing mod out there. There is nothing too large about it, but it’s charming and special.
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In conclusion, the tailoring and dyeing mechanics add an enjoyable and creative dimension to the game, allowing players to experiment with hundreds of possible combinations. By embracing this feature, players can fully immerse themselves in the experience. So why not dive in and let your imagination run wild? The possibilities are endless!

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