Maximizing Friendship Points: Understanding Relationship Levels and Gift-Giving Strategies

Hello, friends! Before we dive into the relationship values, let’s cover a few things we missed last time. You can improve your friendships by giving gifts during the Winter Star Festival and participating in the Luau potluck. Be careful, though, as adding the wrong ingredients can lower your reputation with everyone at the event.

Understanding Relationship Levels

When you talk to villagers, a colored circle appears beside their portrait. The color sequence, from lowest to highest, is blue, green, yellow, red, and purple. The higher the color, the better your relationship. Once you reach two hearts of friendship with a villager, you can enter their bedroom. You’ll still have access even if your friendship falls below two hearts. However, you won’t be able to enter without sufficient friendship, even if you have the town key.

Please note that talking to villagers over the phone won’t increase your friendship level.

Relationship Values

In the game, one heart is equivalent to 250 points. So, ten hearts equal 2,500 points, and eight hearts equal 2,000 points. The Perfection Tracker requires all villagers to reach their maximum relationship level. Non-marriage candidates must reach ten hearts, while marriage candidates need eight hearts. These requirements don’t change even if you give them a bouquet or marry them.

Here is a list of ways to increase or decrease your relationship points:

  • Talking: +20 points
  • Special events: +10 points
  • Watching a favorite movie: +200 points
  • Watching a liked movie: +100 points
  • Giving a favorite snack: +50 points
  • Giving a liked snack: +25 points

If you talk to a villager every day, you can gain about 560 points per month, which is slightly more than two hearts. In a year, you can gain approximately nine hearts.

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Completing the quest posted at Pierre’s shop grants 150 points. Watching a movie and having a snack can give up to one heart, but it takes longer than giving gifts.

Relationship Decay

  • Not talking for a day: -2 points
  • Not talking for a day after giving a bouquet: -8 points
  • Not talking for a day after marriage: -20 points

Talking to your spouse daily is essential, especially if you live on Ginger Island and rarely return home. Otherwise, you might come back to find their affection at zero hearts.

Digging through trash cans decreases your relationship by 25 points, but only for the first person who sees you. Hitting a villager with a slingshot lowers your relationship by 30 points. However, talking to them can easily make up for this.

Giving Gifts

The most crucial aspect of building relationships is giving gifts. Giving a loved gift grants 80 points, and the villager will have a unique dialogue and display a heart above their head. Liked gifts grant 45 points, so it’s best to give loved gifts whenever possible. Giving other types of gifts is not recommended, as it wastes an opportunity.

You can check which gifts you’ve given to a villager in the relationship menu, where you can see if the gift is loved or liked.

In the next article, we’ll focus on gift values and gift-giving strategies.

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