Maximizing Your Greenhouse Space: Tips for Fruit Trees, Kegs, and More

We’ve already discussed greenhouse planting before, and in this article, we’ll talk about how to make use of the surrounding area within the greenhouse. The space around the greenhouse includes a three-tile distance from the central planting area, including a wooden plank circle and two tiles of distance from the wall.

Making Use of the Greenhouse Space

This space can be used in conjunction with sprinklers. Different sprinkler placements will occupy various spaces, and for simplicity, we’ll use six Iridium Sprinklers as an example. You can adapt other sprinkler placements accordingly.

Planting Fruit Trees

The first method is planting fruit trees, which is likely the most popular approach. Fruit trees need to be placed two tiles apart, and nothing can be placed within one tile distance. However, placing them near the greenhouse’s interior walls and inherent objects won’t affect growth, allowing six trees on top and four trees on the other three sides. In total, you can plant up to 18 fruit trees.

Pierre’s shop sells six types of fruit trees, so you can plant three of each kind. You can also consider leaving space for later banana and mango trees. The four trees near the entrance might obstruct crops, so you can choose not to plant them.

Special Bug

Here’s a special bug you can use: place a furniture item like a lamp in the spot where you want to plant the tree, then plant the tree. This allows the tree and lamp to be placed together. While it might look odd, it won’t affect the tree’s growth. However, placing a lamp has no practical use as the greenhouse is always lit, and once you remove the lamp, you can’t put it back.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Planting Fruit Trees


  • Aesthetics
  • Using fruit for gifts


  • Low efficiency of gifting fruit
  • Low profit from the fruit, which needs to be harvested at least every three days

Planting Other Trees

Since you can plant fruit trees in the greenhouse, you can also plant other trees, such as oak, maple, pine, mahogany, and even mushroom trees. For example, when planting oak trees for tapping resin, the trees only need to be placed one tile apart and can be planted next to tilled soil on wooden planks. This allows you to plant many trees, like the 42 trees shown in the example. However, 42 trees may already far exceed the demand.

Barrels and Preserves Jars

The greenhouse can also be used to place kegs or preserves jars. Casually placing two circles can fit over 80 items. Starfruit can be harvested with Deluxe Speed-Gro every nine days, and 116 Starfruit plants need 90 kegs. Having ten additional casks at home or outside is sufficient.

Seed Makers

Lastly, the greenhouse can be used to place seed makers. This is particularly useful when developing ancient seeds in the greenhouse. Seed makers in the greenhouse are more convenient, but it is harder to use pseudo-random numbers to get ancient seeds. Seed makers are highly efficient, requiring only 20 minutes to process, so ten of them should suffice. Having 20 seed makers will keep them running non-stop.

Decoration and Beautification

The greenhouse itself is also a room that can be decorated and beautified. There are many examples online that you can search and refer to if you’re interested in decorating.

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Using the Area for Storage

Another use for the greenhouse space is storage. Placing one or two chests can help you collect fruit from fruit trees, ripe crops, or store Starfruit seeds. This way, you can keep your greenhouse organized and have easy access to your items.

Utilizing the Greenhouse for Bundle Progress

The greenhouse can also be an excellent place to grow crops required for completing bundles at the Community Center. By planting these specific crops in the greenhouse, you can ensure that you’ll have them when needed, regardless of the season.

Growing Rare and Seasonal Plants

The greenhouse provides an opportunity to grow rare and seasonal plants, such as the Sweet Gem Berry, which can be used for gifting or selling for a high profit. Additionally, seasonal plants like the Fairy Rose can be grown in the greenhouse all year long, allowing you to harvest valuable resources without having to wait for the right season.


In conclusion, the greenhouse in Stardew Valley offers various uses, from planting fruit trees and other trees to placing casks, preserves jars, and seed makers. By carefully planning and organizing the greenhouse space, you can maximize efficiency, profit, and aesthetics while enjoying a beautiful and functional area on your farm.

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