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Missing Bundle use to donate the Junimos through the golden scrolls which can be found in the Community Center. If the bundles will be full then, Junimos will provide you with a reward.

If all of the bundles will be full in the Community Center’s specific room then, Junimos will reward you and grant permission that has a positive point for the whole group.

The reward for Missing Bundle will be provided immediately. However, you will get rewards after completing all the bundles in the room. If you will also be provided by oif at the end of the day with a cutscene depicting the Junimos as the reward.

You must have to remember that if you will not collect the individual bundles before completing the room. You can find the rewards in a small bag of brown color on the left of the Junior Hut further then the golden scroll disappears. This bag will persists after the completion ceremony of the Community Center, till all of the objects are retrieved.

Only a few of the Missing bundles will be shown in the object and they have slots to fill (for example, Artisan Bundle: 12 objects and 6 slots to fill). For this situation, you can choose any of the objects which you would like to use for filling the bundle. You will not need to use all the shown objects, use sufficient to fill the slots.

Some of the Bundles do not specify any of the quality and they accept objects of any quality. However, Missing Bundle needs a lot of objects and all of that objects must fit in the same stack.

Stardew Valley Bundles

For example, if you want to satisfy 10 Wheat for the Fodder Bundle, then you will want 10 regular quality wheat, ( Read something about Desert Trader Of Stardew Valley ) or you can also include 10 silver quality wheat.

If you will restore all the bundles of Community Center then, that will unlock the “Local Legend” Achievement. On that night, the game will unlock a cut scene with the grand re-opening of the Community Center. This scene of Stardew Valley can be triggered by moving into the Pelican Town Square at any time in the summer season.

Bundle Progress can be checked at any time just by clicking on the top right Golden Scroll icon which is the Players Menu. If you will hover or select an inventory item that will be wanted for a Missing Bundlewhich makes the Golden Scroll icon pulsate.

You will find a wide range of themed rooms, and it will require different objects. After completing Community Center bundles you will also be rewarded with many different types of objects. You will also get access to new areas.

These Missing Bundles will also be completed with objects. You will also be able to discover most of them whereas exploring them during specific seasons. Some of the others will also be obtained with the help of primary trees by chopping and mineral mining.

Before accessing the Pantry Bundles, you will have to finish at least one bundle of other rooms. The Pantry will be offered in the Community center’s top left corner. Once you have completed at least 6 bundles in the present room, then the Junimos will restore your Farm’s Greenhouse.

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