Outdoor Flooring in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

Stardew Valley, a widely beloved farming simulator game, allows players to customize and create their dream farms. A common inquiry from both new and experienced players revolves around the vast possibilities for outdoor flooring. The options, the crafting process, and where to find the right recipes have been a source of confusion for many. In this article, we’ll delve into the world of outdoor flooring in Stardew Valley to clear up any misconceptions and guide players to create beautiful and functional paths on their farms.

Craftable Outdoor Flooring Options

Outdoor flooring is not something that can be merely bought and placed; it requires a crafting process. The flooring used outside is craftable, meaning players must buy recipes and then create the item themselves.


The main sources for outdoor flooring recipes are Robin’s Carpentry Shop and occasionally from the dwarf. These include recipes for various paths such as wooden, gravel, cobblestone, and stepping stone paths, along with craftable flooring options like stone tile, wood tile, straw tile, and crystal tile.

Crafting Menu

Tip: Browse the bottom of the scroll-down menu in Robin’s shop to find stone flooring and other related recipes.

The Difference Between Pierre’s and Robin’s Flooring

A common point of confusion comes from the indoor flooring bought from Pierre’s shop. Players have often seen pictures of this flooring used outside, but they are unable to place it themselves. The reason for this confusion is simple: the flooring bought from Pierre’s shop is meant for indoor use only, while the craftable flooring options bought from Robin can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Robin’s Shop

How to Craft Outdoor Flooring

  1. Buy the Recipe: First, head to Robin’s Carpentry Shop and purchase the recipe you desire.
  2. Find the Materials: Gather the necessary crafting materials for your chosen flooring type.
  3. Craft the Flooring: Open the crafting menu and craft the flooring using the materials you’ve collected.
  4. Place the Flooring: Use the crafted flooring to create paths and design your outdoor space.

Note: Some players have mistakenly bought the craftable flooring recipe from Pierre’s shop, thinking it was meant for outdoor use. This has led to confusion. Always buy from Robin for outdoor flooring.

The Role of Mods

While many pictures and videos display flooring and paths that can be obtained through in-game crafting, some players have utilized mods to add additional options. If you’re on PC and comfortable with modding, this can open up even more possibilities for customization.

Seasonal Path and Flooring Mod

For those players looking to take their outdoor flooring customization to the next level, there’s an exciting mod available that introduces new colors, designs, and seasonal touches to all the floorings and paths. Below are the details of this innovative mod, giving your farm a unique flair.


  1. New Colors and Designs: This mod introduces a fresh look to your paths and floorings, making your farm stand out.
  2. Seasonal Touch: Depending on the season, the paths will include small details like petals and fallen leaves.
  3. Toggle for Swimming Pool as Gravel Path: Want a pool on your farm? This option lets you transform the gravel path into a swimming pool.
  4. Matching Thumbnails: To avoid confusion, the mod includes matching thumbnails, letting you know exactly which path or flooring you’re selecting.
  5. Natural Looking Paths: Credit to Yunix93 for a more natural-looking gravel path.
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Additional Content:

  • Seasonal Fences: To complement the paths and floorings, seasonal fences are available here.
  • Hidden Spirit Cove Farm Map: The creator of the mod has edited a map based on Hidden Spirit Cove Farm, and it will be included in an upcoming story expansion mod.

Console Considerations

For console players, the process of obtaining and crafting these flooring options may differ slightly. Some paths may require buying the recipe first and then crafting it through the in-game crafting menu. While it might be confusing at first, the in-game guides and online community can offer support in finding the perfect path for your farm.


Outdoor flooring in Stardew Valley offers diverse and creative ways to customize your farm, but it’s not as simple as purchasing and placing. The key is understanding the distinction between Pierre’s indoor flooring and Robin’s craftable outdoor options, coupled with a bit of crafting and creativity.

Whether you’re designing wooden walkways, cobblestone paths, or something more unique, the options are vast and exciting. Follow this guide, visit Robin’s shop, and let your creativity flourish as you cultivate the farm of your dreams!

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