Prismatic Shard: How to Obtain and Use in Stardew Valley

Hello, fellow players! Many of you may have come across the Prismatic Shard for the first time and been captivated by its gorgeous appearance but unsure of its use. Some players may have even donated it to the museum straight away. In this guide, we will discuss how to obtain and use Prismatic Shards in Stardew Valley.

Image of the Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley
The Prismatic Shard and Galaxy Sword are other rare items in Stardew Valley

Obtaining Prismatic Shards

Players can find Prismatic Shards through various methods such as fishing treasure chests, defeating monsters in mines, killing Slimes in the Secret Woods, or mining mysterious stones in the quarry. However, obtaining Prismatic Shards through these methods is quite rare and unpredictable.

A more stable way to acquire Prismatic Shards is by mining Iridium Ore in the desert mines. Iridium Ore has a 4% chance of dropping a Prismatic Shard. Experienced players who can mine 400-500 Iridium Ore daily can typically obtain 5-6 Prismatic Shards in a day. Even beginners who can mine 100 Iridium Ore should be able to find at least one Prismatic Shard.

Using Prismatic Shards

Here are the top uses for Prismatic Shards, in order of priority:

  1. Galaxy Sword: Exchange Prismatic Shards for the Galaxy Sword at the three pillars in the desert. The Galaxy Sword enables the purchase of other Galaxy weapons from the Adventurer’s Guild. These weapons are significantly more powerful than others available, and can be used until the end of the game.
  2. Museum Donation: Donating the first Prismatic Shard to the museum is not a bad idea, as you will eventually need to donate one. The ability to exchange Prismatic Shards for the Galaxy Sword and mine Iridium Ore become available simultaneously, so the only drawback is not having the Galaxy Sword for your first mining session.
  3. Magic Rock Candy: On Thursdays, the desert trader accepts three Prismatic Shards in exchange for one Magic Rock Candy. This exchange can only occur once a week, and the stock is limited, making it a high priority if you have an abundance of Prismatic Shards.
  4. Qi Gems: The easiest task in Mr. Qi’s quests is to exchange four Prismatic Shards for 40 Qi Gems. Simply place the Prismatic Shards in the designated area to receive the Qi Gems. This task is not always available, and players may not have many chances to complete it.
  5. Weapon Enchantment: Weapon enchantment is placed lower on the priority list because it is not essential. Although it provides a significant boost, unenchanted weapons are still functional. The Volcano Dungeon also offers a Prismatic Shard, allowing players to retry the enchantment process if the outcome is unsatisfactory.
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Other uses for Prismatic Shards include crafting wedding rings in multiplayer, making clothes, contributing to the Movie Theater Bundle, changing Junimo colors, transforming children into doves, and more. These uses are optional and depend on individual preferences.

Lastly, Prismatic Shards are not ideal gifts because they have no star rating and provide minimal friendship points. High-quality gifts yield more friendship points, and better alternatives such as Rabbit’s Foot become available as the game progresses.

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