Restarting or Not: Decisions Every Stardew Valley Player Faces

One question I often get from newbies stepping into the Stardew Valley universe is, “Should I restart my game? I’m not satisfied with how I’ve been playing.” This article aims to guide you through the key scenarios where you might contemplate restarting and how to approach them.

Scenario 1: Struggling to Keep Up With Strategy Guides

Take for instance my million-dollar brewing guide. A frequent query is, “I can’t keep up in the early game; should I restart?” Here’s my take: it depends.

For Gamers Well-Versed with Controls

If you’re someone who’s comfortable with gaming mechanics and controls but just took some time getting used to fishing or mining, don’t fret. If you’re still in mid-spring and wish to unlock Ginger Island within the first year, a restart could be beneficial. The primary challenge is mastering fishing and efficient mining, which becomes easier over time.

For Casual Gamers

If you play Stardew Valley merely for farming and animal husbandry, without the intent of exploring all the game offers, then there’s no rush. The game doesn’t impose any time limits, so take your time and accomplish your goals.

Junimo Hut on a Stardew Valley farm
Junimo Huts help manage crops efficiently in Stardew Valley.

Scenario 2: The Luck Factor

Some players consider restarting when they have a streak of bad luck days. Although luck plays a role, it’s not as crucial as one might think. One or two extra good luck days won’t substantially impact your progress. While luck can have some influence when mining or fishing, it’s not worth restarting for.

Special Mention: Lucky Finds

Finding an Iridium Band or Ancient Seeds early on does offer some advantage, but it’s not game-changing.

Scenario 3: Choosing Between Bat Cave and Mushroom Cave

A common dilemma is choosing between the Bat Cave and the Mushroom Cave. In reality, this choice isn’t as significant as it seems. The Mushroom Cave offers additional food options, while the Bat Cave makes it easier to complete the Community Center Bundles. In the long run, this choice has little impact.

Mushroom Cave vs Fruit Bat Cave
Mushroom Cave vs Fruit Bat Cave

Scenario 4: Regretting Your Farm Layout

If you regret picking the Beach Farm because sprinklers don’t work on the sandy soil, or you picked the Riverland Farm and later realized it’s too cramped for large-scale farming, then a restart is viable. But consider this: once you progress past the early brewing stage, these differences become negligible. Ginger Island offers ample farming space.

Scenario 5: The Progress Conundrum

If you’re past the first year and haven’t earned much, say, less than 200,000g, there’s still no reason to restart. The time you’ve spent gaining experience and unlocking content will still be beneficial. The game allows room for recovery.

A screenshot of the player's total earnings in Stardew Valley.
Total earnings is one of the aspects that Grandpa considers in his evaluation.

Scenario 6: For Veterans

Veterans who find their strategic approach flawed may see merit in a restart. Yet, even for seasoned players, restarting becomes a familiar practice and is often well-calculated.


If you’ve invested a considerable amount of time, restarting isn’t generally advised due to the high time cost. If you’re a strategic player and find a significant flaw in your gameplay, multiple save files can be your safety net. Ultimately, the decision to restart should be well-considered and individualized to your Stardew Valley experience.

Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences on when you felt restarting was necessary or not!

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