Rusty Spur Stardew Guide: How to Find and Master This Elusive Artifact

Rusty Spur artifact

Stardew Valley is teeming with activities and quests, some of which may lead you down the rabbit hole of chasing after elusive artifacts. One such artifact that has both intrigued and stumped players is the Rusty Spur. This guide covers where you can find it, what you can do with it, its level of rarity, and some pro tips to help you get your hands on this artifact more efficiently.

Where to Find the Rusty Spur

The Rusty Spur can be discovered through several means:

  • Digging up an Artifact Spot on The Farm
  • Tilling in the Mines or Skull Cavern
  • Fishing Treasure Chests or Artifact Troves

where Rusty Spur can be found
where Rusty Spur can be found

However, the artifact is somewhat elusive; its spawn locations are partly luck-based and are generally within the Town maps, including the bus station. Despite the apparent randomness, some players have shared specific strategies to increase the chances of locating this item. For instance, one method involves purchasing an animal from Marnie and naming it [111], which supposedly triggers the Rusty Spur to appear in certain dialogues with villagers.

Utilizing the Rusty Spur

Once you’ve obtained the Rusty Spur, you have several options:

  • Donation: The primary use is to donate it to the Museum, which contributes to your total count of donations.
  • Crafting: The Rusty Spur can be used in the spool of the Sewing Machine to craft a dyeable Cowboy Poncho.
  • Gifting: As an artifact, Penny has a fondness for it, making it a suitable gift for her.

Rarity and its Implications

While many players have reported difficulty in obtaining the Rusty Spur, it is based on RNG (Random Number Generation). This means that sometimes you might stumble upon it while conducting your everyday farming activities, and other times you might need to make an extra effort.

Advanced Strategies for PC Players

For those on PC, using the stardew-predictor tool can help predict which items you’ll obtain from Artifact Troves, aiding you in locating the Rusty Spur more efficiently.

Note: The methods mentioned for finding Elvish Jewelry in the game can also be applied to find the Rusty Spur.

Alternative Strategies for Console Players

For console players, iterative save and load cycles can be a game-changer. This involves saving your game before opening any Geodes or Artifact Troves, recording the results, and reloading the game if the Rusty Spur doesn’t appear.


The Rusty Spur is more than just another item in Stardew Valley. It serves multiple purposes that go beyond mere collection. From donating it to the Museum to crafting new items, the artifact is worth your time and effort. Happy farming!

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