Sea Cucumber Stardew: Your Complete Guide to Fishing and Profiting

Catching a Sea Cucumber

Sea Cucumber

First off, catching a Sea Cucumber isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Available in the ocean at The Beach or on the Beach Farm, these creatures make their appearance during Fall and Winter. Alternatively, you can discover them in garbage cans during the same seasons. If you fancy a deep-sea adventure, you can attempt catching them during the Night Market’s submarine ride between Winter 15–17. The chances are slim though—only a 5% catch rate or 4% if you’re using a Curiosity Lure.

Sea Cucumber Spawn rules
Sea Cucumber Spawn rules

For those impatient anglers, you can also use Magic Bait to catch Sea Cucumbers irrespective of time or season.

Magic Bait recipe

Using Sea Cucumbers

Once you’ve nabbed one, what do you do with it? Sea Cucumbers are surprisingly versatile. For fashion aficionados, the creature can be used in a Sewing Machine to create a dyeable Tube Top. If you’re interested in colors, use it as a yellow dye at the dye pots situated in Emily’s and Haley’s house at 2 Willow Lane.

Sea Cucumber Uses
Sea Cucumber Uses

Sea Cucumber Toiloring

Pond Reproduction

You can also put your Sea Cucumbers in a Fish Pond where they will reproduce every two days. Initially, the pond can hold three fish but can be expanded to accommodate ten by completing quests. Now, if you’re wondering why your fish pond is only giving you roe and not more Sea Cucumbers, the secret is in the pond’s population. Fill your pond with Sea Cucumbers, but not to the maximum limit. Every few days, the pond will produce an additional Sea Cucumber which you can fish out.


Quests and Produce

Players in local co-op on the Switch should be cautious. If you had exhaustion the previous day and consume a poisonous item, it leads to a game softlock.

-25 Energy
-25 Energy

While some players have had trouble catching enough Sea Cucumbers for crafting Lucky Lunches, a food item that boosts luck, alternatives are available. Making friends with Robin will unlock the Pumpkin Soup recipe, which also provides a luck and defense boost.

Fish Pond Options

Choosing the right fish for your pond can be crucial. The Sea Cucumber is excellent for crafting Lucky Lunches, but if you’re looking for profitability, go for the Lava Eel. Other fish like the Sturgeon can yield caviar, and Blobfish have a chance of producing pearls.

FAQs and Community Insights

  • Is Sea Cucumber rare?: Not particularly. Though some players feel it’s elusive, its scarcity is part of the game’s balance.
  • Best time to catch?: They start appearing after 6:00 PM and stop biting at 7 PM.
  • Best use?: Lucky Lunch is the most optimal use for boosting luck in the Skull Cavern.
  • Other notable fish for ponds?: Sturgeon for caviar, Lava Eel for profitability, Blobfish for pearls, and Super Cucumber for a chance at Iridium Ore.

To wrap up, whether you are a culinary master, a crafting guru, or a fish pond manager, the Sea Cucumber holds its own as one of Stardew Valley’s most interesting and versatile sea creatures. Now that you’re armed with this guide, catching and utilizing them should be a walk—or swim— in the park.

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