Stardew Raccoon: Who Is The Trash Bear and How to Win His Rewards?


The elusive Trash Bear, ready to transform trash into treasure.
The elusive Trash Bear, ready to transform trash into treasure

Who is the Trash Bear?

Ah, Stardew Valley. A peaceful, serene place where the vegetables are always ripe, and the fish bite generously. But if you wander near the sewers, you might stumble upon a rotund character that has puzzled and charmed players: the Trash Bear. Known by multiple names like Big Boah and Racoon Poppins, this chubby raccoon adds an enigmatic yet rewarding layer to the gameplay. In the gaming world where high octane thrills often take center stage, it’s the Trash Bear’s simplicity that captures the hearts of players—some of whom have also been lured into the game by their love for titles like Red Dead Redemption 2.

What Does the Trash Bear Do?

Trash Bear transforming trash into a tree
Trash Bear transforming trash into a tree

Ever wondered who cleans up all the trash in Cindersap Forest? Yes, it’s our friend, the Trash Bear. As you interact with him, usually near the sewers, he’ll ask for specific food items like fish tacos or vegetables. Once you give him these items, the Trash Bear will work his magic, turning refuse into nature’s marvels. He’ll make the trash disappear and even bring a dog back to life—talk about being multi-talented!

It’s worth noting that the Trash Bear has a seasonal appearance; he comes back every spring, giving players a recurring chance for these magical interactions.

How to Get Trash Bear to Clean the Sewage Area

If you’re not merely content with his woodland miracles, you can get the Trash Bear to clean up the entire sewage area. The process requires a series of four interactions where you need to give him the food he asks for. After the fourth feeding, not only does the Trash Bear clear out the rubbish, he also cleans the lot in front of Pam’s RV.

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four interactions

Tip: If you’re having trouble finding the food items he requests, keep an eye on the daily special at the Stardrop Saloon or visit the traveling cart.

Triggering the Cutscene

The Trash Bear is not all action; he offers some cinematic pleasure as well. Feeding him four times triggers a cutscene, a magical little sequence that adds depth to your Stardew Valley experience. His preferences for food items don’t change, so you can prep in advance if you’re eager to witness this mini-movie. It is, however, unclear if there are additional layers to this storyline, which only amplifies the mystery surrounding this plump raccoon.

What Are the Rewards?

So what’s in it for you? Apart from the satisfaction of feeding a large raccoon and cleaning up the environment, you get to unlock a cutscene that adds charm to your game narrative. While the specific details of the cutscene remain the subject of player speculation, it’s these small moments that make Stardew Valley a uniquely captivating experience.

Not just a cleaner, but a life-bringer too!
Not just a cleaner, but a life-bringer too!

So, whether you call him Trash Bear, Big Boah, or even mistake him for a beaver, one thing’s clear: this fat raccoon makes Stardew Valley a better place, one fish taco at a time. While we may not yet know the full extent of his role, he’s already become a beloved figure in the Stardew Valley lore. Now, excuse me as I go fishing—I have a Trash Bear to feed.

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