Stardew River Fishing Guide: Tips and Tricks for a Great Catch!

Stardew Valley is a sprawling farming simulator offering a medley of activities from farming to fishing. But when it comes to fishing, not all water bodies are created equal. This article aims to be your ultimate guide in understanding the locations of lakes, rivers, and the ocean to ensure you’re casting your line in the right spot.

What is a River?

The river is essentially the body of water running through the town and forest areas. Don’t let the urban landscape fool you; these zones are teeming with river fish. River fish can also be caught in the secret forest, except for the small separated section with a dock out west, which is a pond.

A fishing spot at the Town River in Stardew Valley
The recommended fishing spot in the town area is just below Sam’s house

A fishing spot at the Forest River in Stardew Valley
The most popular fishing spot is just below Leah’s house

Tips for River Fishing

  1. South of Marnie’s: The river south of Marnie’s farm is a goldmine for river fish. It even yields gold-quality fish if you cast at max distance.
  2. Rainy Day Fishing: Players have found higher success rates catching specific fish like the Catfish and Shads when it rains.

What is a Lake?

The term ‘lake’ in Stardew Valley specifically refers to the large body of water situated near the mountain area, just east of the Carpenter’s Shop and Linus’ tent, and below the mine entrance. Contrary to what some players believe, the area near Marnie’s Ranch doesn’t qualify as a lake. It’s actually part of the river system.

A fishing spot at the Mountain Lake in Stardew Valley
The recommended fishing spot is the lower half of the central island
A fishing spot at the Forest Lake in Stardew Valley
One fishing spot of note is a wooden bridge that doesn’t count towards the distance

Tips for Lake Fishing

  1. Fishing for Bullhead: For players struggling to catch a Bullhead for their community center bundles, you will only find this fish in the mountain lake.
  2. Seasonal Catch: While most lake fish can be caught all year round, it’s worth noting that some fish, like the Sturgeon, have a higher appearance rate in specific seasons.

What is an Ocean?

No confusion here! The ocean is located at the far east side of the map and is accessible right from the start of the game

Tips for Ocean Fishing

  1. Pier Fishing: For optimal results, fish off the pier across the broken bridge after you’ve repaired it.

The Riverland Farm Layout: A Blessing or a Curse?

A divisive topic among players is the Riverland Farm layout. Some enjoy the aesthetics and the immediate access to fishing. However, the segmented layout can be challenging for farming and animal grazing.

A second layout image for the Riverland Farm in Stardew Valley
Layout for the Riverland Farm in Stardew Valley

Making the Most Out of Riverland Farm

  1. Limited Space: To work around limited land, some players use fence posts to create permanent grass, helping to maintain a self-sustaining grazing area for animals.
  2. Island Grazing: The segmented nature can actually be a benefit. Animals on isolated islands are generally safe from wandering too far.

In Conclusion

Navigating water bodies in Stardew Valley can be confusing, but understanding the specifics can enhance your gameplay and help you complete those elusive community center bundles. Now, with your newfound knowledge, grab your fishing pole and head to the right fishing spot!

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