Stardew Statue of Perfection: How to Duplicate and Maximize Profits

Lucky Cats in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, there are three types of Lucky Cat statues that many new players aim to collect, with the Statue Of Perfection given by Grandpa being especially popular among casual gamers. In this tutorial, we’ll introduce the three Lucky Cats and how to obtain them, as well as how to maximize profits using the Statue Of Perfection.

Three Lucky Cat statues from Stardew Valley together
The three Lucky Cat statues in Stardew Valley

The Statue Of Perfection – Purple Lucky Cat

First, let’s talk about the most useful Lucky Cat, the Purple Lucky Cat, also known as the Statue Of Perfection. Generally, you can find Grandpa’s shrine in the northwest corner of your farm. By clicking on it, you’ll see a note stating that Grandpa will return on the first day of the third year to evaluate your progress. If you meet his standards, you can light the four candles on the shrine and obtain the Statue Of Perfection.

For those who haven’t met the requirements, don’t worry! You can place a diamond in the shrine at any time to have Grandpa reassess your score. There are several aspects to Grandpa’s evaluation and you can refer to my “Grandpa’s Evaluation” tutorial for more details.

statue of perfection
statue of perfection

The Statue Of Perfection produces two to eight Iridium Ore daily. Selling Iridium Ore directly earns you 100 gold, while smelting five Iridium Ore and one coal into an Iridium Bar can be sold for 1,000 gold. If you’ve chosen the Blacksmith perk at level 10 Mining, it can be sold for 1,500 gold. By exploiting a bug to duplicate the Statue Of Perfection, you can earn money by selling Iridium Bars daily.

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How to Duplicate the Statue Of Perfection

First, place the Iridium Cat on the ground and check if you have any magnetic rings in your inventory (such as Magnet Ring or Glowstone Ring). If so, remove them to prevent increasing the pickup range. Test the maximum distance at which you can hit the Iridium Cat from the right, then maintain that position and repeatedly collect and hit the Iridium Cat.

Another method to duplicate the statue involves placing the Purple Lucky Cat on the ground, filling your inventory, and then breaking the Statue Of Perfection with a pickaxe. The game will consider that you haven’t received the Statue Of Perfection, and you can collect another one from the shrine. However, this method is more time-consuming.

Statue of Endless Fortune – Yellow Lucky Cat

The second statue is the Statue of Endless Fortune. To obtain it, unlock the desert and complete Mr. Qi’s mysterious quest. Afterward, you can purchase the statue for 1,000,000 gold from the unremarkable guy on the right side of the arcade. There’s no limit to the number of statues you can buy.

Yellow Lucky Cat statue from Stardew Valley
The Statue of Endless Fortune, also known as the Yellow Lucky Cat

The Yellow Lucky Cat produces a villager’s favorite gift on their birthday but only at a normal quality. On non-birthday days, it randomly generates diamonds, Iridium Bars, Prismatic Shards, or Gold Bars. If not collected, the items will be replaced the following day. It’s not recommended to purchase this statue early in the game due to its high cost and low return.

Statue Of True Perfection

Purple Lucky Cat statue from Stardew Valley
The Statue Of True Perfection, also known as the Purple Lucky Cat

The last statue is the Statue Of True Perfection, which is the hardest to obtain as it requires 100% game completion. After unlocking Ginger Island and collecting 100 Golden Walnuts, visit Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room and interact with the machine on the right to check your progress. Once you reach 100% completion, click the machine to receive the Statue Of True Perfection. Note that you can only obtain this statue once in single-player and multiplayer games, but multiplayer allows everyone to contribute to the progress. The Statue Of True Perfection produces a Prismatic Shard daily, but at 100% completion, you likely won’t need the money, so consider it a keepsake.

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