# Stardew Tree Fertilizer: Unlocking Bountiful Harvests & More!

Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or a newcomer to the world of mobile farming games, understanding the nuances of in-game resources can significantly enhance your experience. One such resource that deserves special attention is Tree Fertilizer. This seemingly simple item packs a lot of potential and can drastically speed up the growth of your wild trees. Let’s delve into its features, benefits, crafting methods, and application guidelines.

Tree Fertilizer

Crafting Tree Fertilizer

Before you start sprinkling this magic dust, you’ll need to make it first. To craft Tree Fertilizer, you must reach Foraging level 7. To craft Tree Fertilizer, you will need 5 fibers and 5 stones. These are not hard-to-find items. For fibers, you can focus on farming at the 81st floor of the mine. Stones can be abundantly acquired by blasting in mines.

the crafting interface and the required materials for Tree Fertilizer
the crafting interface and the required materials for Tree Fertilizer

How and When to Apply Tree Fertilizer

It’s crucial to note that Tree Fertilizer must be applied on an already planted tree seed or sapling. Trees need to be planted on untilled ground, whereas the fertilizer is applied on the tilled ground. So, once your seed or sapling is in place, till the ground around it and sprinkle the Tree Fertilizer.

Also, be wary of the game mechanics, especially if you’re on mobile. Players have often found themselves chopping down young trees by accident because they had an axe in their inventory while trying to fertilize.

Pro-tip: Remove axes from your inventory when applying Tree Fertilizer to avoid unfortunate accidents.

Benefits of Using Tree Fertilizer

Utilizing Tree Fertilizer offers numerous benefits:

  • Faster Growth: Fertilized trees generally advance one stage of growth each night.
  • Winter Growth: Unlike their unfertilized counterparts, fertilized seeds and seedlings can grow even during winter.
  • Resource Management: The fast growth is particularly beneficial for oak trees that produce resin and maple trees that yield syrup.
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The Efficiency of Using Tree Fertilizer

Using Tree Fertilizer can significantly boost your wood yield. If you plant 100 oak trees and don’t use any fertilizer, only about 68 will reach the final growth stage after a month. If you employ Tree Fertilizer, however, you can harvest as much as 1400 wood every five days! That’s almost 8 times more efficient. This not only speeds up the acquisition of wood but also greatly accelerates the gain of foraging experience points.

What Can You Do with All That Wood?

You need 30 pieces of wood to craft a small barrel. So, for 100 barrels, you would need 3000 pieces of wood. While you can buy wood, crafting it yourself is the most economical first choice, followed by buying as a second choice. The third option is to use Tree Fertilizer, which costs 5 fibers and 5 stones for each application. However, if you’re into brewing and require a lot of oak resin, using Tree Fertilizer to speed up the growth of oak trees is highly beneficial.

A Word on Limitations

Tree Fertilizer is versatile, but it does have limitations. For example, you can’t use it on fruit trees or tea bushes. Also, the chances of Mahogany Trees advancing to the next growth stage are only 60% even when fertilized.

More Than Just For Trees

Besides accelerating tree growth, Tree Fertilizer serves other in-game functions. You can use it in the Sewing Machine to create a dyeable High-Waisted Shirt. Additionally, it can be used as an orange dye at the dye pots in Emily’s and Haley’s house.

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Community Insights

The player community has found Tree Fertilizer to be a game-changer. However, a common mistake is attempting to plant a tree and fertilize it within a 9×9 square, which generally doesn’t work. So, make sure you have enough space for the tree and the surrounding 8 tiles.

Pro-tip: Plant trees with enough space and always remember: fertilizer is for already-planted trees.


Mastering the use of Tree Fertilizer can offer you quicker resource generation, better farm management, and overall a more rewarding gameplay experience. Happy farming!

Whether you’re an enthusiast growing virtual oaks or a casual player looking to optimize your farm, Tree Fertilizer is an in-game item worth understanding and utilizing to its full potential.

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