Stardew Valley 1.6 Update: Modding Made Easy, Incompatibility Ahead

Hello, friends! Today, we’ll be discussing the 1.6 update for Stardew Valley.

The author mentioned that the main focus of the 1.6 update is to provide extensive support for mod creators, making it easier for them to create mods. What does this mean? Does it mean the introduction of a Workshop feature? Will mod updates become easier? Will mod compatibility improve?

Unfortunately, none of these are true. This update is not about compatibility, nor will it introduce a Workshop feature. Installing mods will still rely on SMAPI. SMAPI will be updated to version 4.0. However, it’s worth noting that 99% of the current mods will no longer be compatible. They will all need updates to function properly. Why? Because 1.6 is a major update, and with previous major updates, many mods became incompatible. To make mod creation easier and more expandable, 1.6 introduces fundamental changes to the game’s code.

In a sense, it’s like the game has been rewritten, even though it appears to be the same game. As a result, mod incompatibility will be more severe than ever before. It’s safe to say that most of the previous mods will be rendered obsolete. So, what are the benefits of these changes?

First, it significantly lowers the barrier to entry for mod creation. Second, it greatly enhances the efficiency of creating mods. For example, even someone like me, who knows nothing about programming, can now create a diverse array of mods, adding new furniture, machinery, buildings, characters, animals, fruit trees, clothing, weapons, tools, shops, minecarts, and more.

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No programming knowledge is required? That’s right; you can even create your own custom town without any programming skills. In other words, although many existing mods will become incompatible, there is a brighter future ahead for modding in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley 1.6 Update
Stardew Valley 1.6 Update

However, I think that since mods will now be in the form of data packs, future mod conflicts might become more severe. It’s not exactly a conflict, but more of a situation where only one mod’s functionality will be effective when multiple mods are installed. Major content updates are unlikely, but minor quality updates should still be possible.

Last night, I observed the stars and came up with the following predictions, with a reliability rate of over 80%:

  • First, the player’s position on the map will update in real-time. Previously, the map only showed whether you were on your farm or in town, without specific locations. Now, it will display your exact position. Since the old map wasn’t to scale, it should be replaced with a new one.
  • Second, farmhouses and pet bowls will now be movable, making it more convenient for decorating. With such a large farm, I can live wherever I want: on the right for easy access to town or on the left to pay respects to my grandfather. My dog can be kept closer to the farm or watch over the chickens. It’s uncertain if my grandfather’s grave can be moved, but you can imagine the consequences if it could.
  • Third, farming levels will increase crop yield. This will make food that boosts farming levels more useful. Perhaps other skills will also see corresponding changes. Don’t underestimate this change; it could alter the entire gameplay. For instance, gem berries with increased yields could be quite valuable.
  • Fourth, buildings can now be constructed on Ginger Island. When building, there will be an additional option for construction location, allowing you to bring Junimo huts to Ginger Island. After unlocking Ginger Island, you can also bring your cows, sheep, chickens, pigs, and other animals. Your spouse might be able to move there too, effectively migrating to Ginger Island, which is quite exciting.
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Ginger Island Construction
Ginger Island Construction
  • Fifth, villager dialogue will be enriched. It seems that many characteristics have been added to the villagers, such as politeness, social skills, optimism, and more. Their emotions may change after certain events, affecting their dialogue for a period of time, and reducing drastic dialogue contrasts. Currently, a villager can be very happy in one sentence and cursing in the next.
Improved Villager Dialogue
Improved Villager Dialogue
  • Sixth, rummaging through trash cans may result in double rewards or even double special rewards. Many players enjoy searching for items in trash cans, and the author empathizes with this, so they added a feature to enhance the game’s enjoyment. As for what the special rewards might produce – whether they explode like landmines or bloom like fireworks – it’s up to your imagination..

There are a few other things I’m not sure about but am looking forward to, such as increasing the number of planting locations. Town, mountain area, and Ginger Island all have many areas that could be developed. We’re not afraid of hard work; we just need more opportunities to contribute to Stardew Valley. The author might also address the issue of the desert having the same weather as the town.

All fish will now be able to wear hats, giving those extra hats a purpose. Should there be more fish tanks? Can these tanks be placed outdoors? These are the specific updates I’ve thought of. Since the author mentioned this, the 1.6 update shouldn’t be too far away.

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