Stardew Valley: A Guide to Achieving 100% Perfection

Hello, friends! In Stardew Valley, Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island features a Perfection Tracker. Reaching 100% completion on this tracker will trigger the game’s ending. In this tutorial, we’ll provide a brief overview of the tasks required to achieve 100% completion. There are 11 tasks in total, and we’ve ranked them based on their difficulty level rather than the order in which they’re completed in the game.

11. Golden Clock on Farm

To get the Golden Clock on your farm, you simply need to gather 10 million gold. Accumulating this wealth can be tricky or straightforward, depending on your approach. This task accounts for 10% of the Perfection Tracker.

10. Farmer Level

Some players may find this task the easiest, as it doesn’t require conscious effort; you’ll likely complete it by playing the game normally. However, leveling up skills like Foraging and Combat may prove more difficult for some. This task contributes 5% to the Perfection Tracker.

9. Obelisks on Farm

Constructing the four Obelisks on your farm is relatively easy, and the materials required are not too difficult to acquire. However, the cost can add up, so you may need to prioritize saving money for this task. The four Obelisks account for 4% of the Perfection Tracker.

8. Fish Caught

To complete this task, you must catch all fish species in the game, excluding those in Mr. Qi’s Second Generation Legendary Fish quest. Purchased fish do not count toward this goal. You can check your progress in the Collections tab. After reaching level 10 in fishing, you should be able to finish this task within a few in-game days. This task accounts for 10% of the Perfection Tracker.

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7. Monster Slayer Hero

To become a Monster Slayer Hero, you must complete all Adventurer’s Guild requirements, which involve defeating a variety of monsters in large quantities. This task can be time-consuming, particularly when hunting for certain monsters like Flying Serpents, Magma Sparker or Slimes. Checking your progress requires visiting the Adventurer’s Guild, which can be somewhat tedious. This task contributes 10% to the Perfection Tracker.

6. Golden Walnuts found

There are 130 Golden Walnuts in total, and finding them all without a guide can be challenging for first-time players. However, once you know their locations, it becomes much easier, and you can collect most of them within a few in-game days. Some items, like Bananas, Snake Vertebrae, and Golden Coconuts, may take a bit longer to find. This task accounts for 5% of the Perfection Tracker.

5. Produce & Forage Shipped

This task has the highest contribution to the Perfection Tracker at 15%. It involves selling a diverse range of items from various aspects of the game, excluding fish. Once you’ve completed this task, you’ll have experienced most of what Stardew Valley has to offer. You can track your progress in the Collections tab.

4. Great Friends

To complete this t ask, you must reach maximum friendship levels with all villagers. You don’t need to achieve the maximum heart level; reaching the eight-heart level required for marriage is sufficient. Keep in mind that friendship levels can decrease over time, particularly for spouses. Having an ample supply of loved items can make this task easier, but it is time-consuming. This task contributes 11% to the Perfection Tracker.

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3. Found All Stardrops

There are seven Stardrops in total, and while the number may seem small, obtaining each one can be challenging. This task includes collecting all fish species and completing the museum collection.

2. Cooking Recipes Made

To complete this task, you must cook every recipe in the game at least once. Most recipes are easy to obtain, with the exception of Ginger Island’s Gus recipes. The ingredients, however, can be quite diverse and include crops, fish, forageables, and monster products. Remembering all the ingredients can be difficult, and if you’re missing any, it can be quite troublesome. This task contributes 10% to the Perfection Tracker.

1. Crafting Recipes Made

This task is arguably the most tedious. First, you must collect all the building blueprints, which can be time-consuming. For example, you’ll need to craft all eight Scarecrows to unlock the Deluxe Scarecrow and complete quests on the Bulletin Board to unlock certain recipes. Once you’ve collected all the blueprints, you’ll need various materials to craft each item. Despite its difficulty, this task only accounts for 10% of the Perfection Tracker.

We hope this guide helps you on your journey to achieving 100% completion in Stardew Valley! Remember, each player’s experience may vary, and the difficulty of certain tasks may differ based on your playstyle and preferences. Good luck, and happy farming!


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