Stardew Valley: Achieving True Perfection

Stardew Valley is a really basic game. You can really finish it in a few simple steps!

Step one is complete. You must finish the community center. To accomplish so, you’ll need to plan practically every crop in the game spanning the three main Seasons – pumpkins, blueberries, melons, the whole. It will take you at least 70 in-game days to accomplish all of the crop bundles, but don’t forget about those gold quality harvests! Thus far, so good.

Following that, you’ll need to acquire nearly every form of forgeable in the game, including those annoying winter forgibles that only appear during the winter. So you’ll need horseradish, sweet peas, Nautilus shells, and snow yams. You’ll also need harder-to-find forageables like mushrooms, cave carrots, and Fiddle Ferns. And if you miss one of them, you’ll have to wait till next year, so pay attention and don’t miss them.

Do you think fishing is difficult in this game? You should go fishing! You need to go fishing a lot! To finish the community center, you must collect 24 fish, which includes common species like carp and sardines as well as near-impossible creatures like puffer fish and even a sturgeon. Oh, and they are available throughout the year, so make time for fishing in your already hectic schedule!

Are we finished yet? No! It is not an option to not have animals. If you want to win this game, you must have animals. Obtaining chickens, cows, bunnies, and ducks is the first stage. Then you must take care of them: feed them, pet them, and make them adore you. You can’t just have them; they must adore you! Your animals will initially provide you with little eggs and modest amounts of milk, but this is insufficient; you want the huge variety! But that’s only the beginning; you’ll also need duck feathers and rabbit’s foot. They are simple to find when you have a lot of animals and they adore you.However, obtaining it early in the game might be rather difficult. So touch your pets and feed them – you may neglect them afterwards.

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I guarantee we’re nearly done with step one! Then you must enter the perilous mines to obtain monster components. This isn’t too bad; just gather some bat wings and slime and you’ll be fine. To finish the Boiler Room, you’ll also need a copper bar, an iron bar, and a gold bar, as well as a few miscellaneous items like sports goods and Frozen tears. In comparison to the other packages, the Boiler Room is virtually straightforward!

Is money your next goal? You’ll need money to buy crops, farm buildings, and animals; without it, you’ll be stuck! In addition to purchasing all of these items, you will require an excess of 42 000 gold coins to complete the Vault package. Fortunately, earning money becomes simpler as you go through the game, so you should have no issue making this leap. But wait, is there more? You’ll also need red cabbage seeds from the traveling Merchant; if she doesn’t sell them now, she’ll sell them in the second year, but if you don’t finish the community center in the first year, you should probably reset because it’s an ego issue…

Congratulations on discovering and giving all of these goods to the community center! You’ve finished the first step! Step one was actually not that tough; all you needed to do was plan a bit and have some luck on your side, and your Stardew Valley adventure could begin!

You must finish the Ginger Island task in Step 2 of the game. You’ll need Viridian boys’ battery packs and 200 pieces of hardwood to make this. You will have access to the Ginger Island instruction after restoring the boat.

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Sub-step: It is critical to unlock the Ginger Island Farmhouse since you will be spending a lot of time on Ginger Island and running back to your farm will waste a lot of time.

Conquer the volcano and get to 10 as fast as possible. You will be able to enchant your equipment and weapons on floor 10. You should also strive on locating all of Professor Snail’s fossils. This may take some time, but persevere. The benefits it provides are worth it on their own.

Following then, you should accomplish the objective that Birdie assigns to you. You’ll get an unusual recipe that you’ll almost certainly never use. I would recommend catching all of the unique fish on Ginger Island right now, but it isn’t required.

Step 2 concludes with you locating golden walnuts until you have at least 100 golden walnuts. They are incredibly well disguised, so good luck! You can now enter Mr Keith’s Walnut Room. You may monitor your completion progress by clicking on this little machine over here, and this is what causes.

Step 3 is the simplest and most pleasant. You must now achieve 100 True Perfection now that you can see your progress. To do so, simply locate the remaining 30 golden walnuts, generate approximately 12 million gold, and purchase the golden clock as well as all four magical obelisks.

Now that the difficult part is over, all that remains is to marry someone, have two children, and then befriend every single individual in the game to the maximum friendship level. Clint is sadly included in this.

There’s still work to be done: construct every single object in the game, including some for which you don’t have a recipe, such as the premium scarecrow. Then you must produce, harvest, and sell every single crop in the game, as well as make every single cuisine. At this point in the game, hopefully you’ve been watching the Cooking Channel on Sundays because you’ve probably found the majority of the star drops except for two.

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The two most difficult star drops to achieve are: first, catch every fish in the gate, and second, finish the museum by donating every sort of relic and mineral to our child Gunter. Remember to utilize magic bait for the fish and treasure troves for the museum – they make life a lot simpler. Second, complete all of the Monster eradication objectives, including defeating 1000 slimes, 500 dust Sprites, 250 serpents, and numerous other enemies. Because you already have access to the volcano, this is fairly simple: get a puffed-up Infinity gavel and nothing will stand in your way!

You are finished once you have completed all of that!

After obtaining Perfection, the fourth tale phase, Valley Bonus, is theoretically accomplished, but what about True Perfection? Don’t be concerned; you’re almost there! If you’ve made it this far, you should only have three achievements remaining to accomplish. Remember that I’m lacking a package, so finish that. You will need some extremely rare items, such as caviar, Prismatic shards, and a dinosaur egg, but the effort will be worthwhile because you will receive a cinema that you will never use.

After that, do all Help Wanted missions and beat Journey of the Prairie King without dying a single time. Finally, and this is the most difficult goal in the game, buy all of the JoJo Community Development projects. I know you want to avoid the JoJo core, but if you want to make your experience simpler, you must reach True Perfection in Stardew Valley.

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