stardew valley ancient fruit vs starfruit

Good day, everyone! Today we’re going to play Stardew Valley and compare the star fruit and ancient fruit crops to discover which is more profitable. We’ll transform them into artisan items like wine and jelly, and we’ll base our decision on the greenhouse so we can do it all year.

The star fruit has certain advantages over the old fruit crop. To begin with, you don’t have to pay for the feed; you may acquire it for free by putting ancient seeds on the earth and then growing them using a seed producer. Because ancient fruits have numerous growth stages, they will remain in your greenhouse indefinitely once planted. They do, however, take 28 days to mature, whereas star fruits only need 13 days.

When it comes to selling crops, star-fruits are the most profitable. They sell for a greater base value, and when transformed into wine or jelly, they fetch a higher price due to the artisan profession’s 40% sale price rise. However, you must sow star fruit seeds after each harvest, which may be pricey if purchased from the desert casino.

Overall, both crops have advantages and disadvantages. Star fruit is more profitable but requires more effort to develop, whereas ancient fruit is easy to grow but sells for less.

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