Stardew Valley: Boiler Room, Craft Room, and Vault Bundles

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players! In this article, we will explore the bundles for the Craft Room, Boiler Room, and Vault. These bundles are essential for progressing in the game and unlocking new areas. Let’s dive in!

Craft Room Bundles

Seasonal Foraging Bundles

The Craft Room’s seasonal foraging bundles consist of items mainly found during their respective seasons. Winter Roots and Snow Yams, for example, can be dug up during winter. Completing each seasonal foraging bundle rewards you with seasonal seeds. The Spring Foraging Bundle is typically the first one players complete, and the 30 Spring Seeds it rewards can be sold for 1,050 gold. This can serve as start-up capital for your farm. Remember to set aside at least three of each foraged item for donations, seed-making, and selling. Additional items may be needed for cooking recipes.

Construction Bundle

The Construction Bundle requires 99 x 2 Wood, 99 Stone, and 10 Hardwood. Upgrading your axe will allow you to complete this bundle easily. The reward is a Charcoal Kiln.

Exotic Foraging Bundle

This bundle requires you to choose five items from the available nine. The first four are essential: Coconut and Cactus Fruit, which can be found in the desert; Cave Carrots, which can be found in barrels in the mines; and Red Mushrooms, which are quite common. The other items can be chosen at your discretion. The reward for completing this bundle is five Autumn’s Bounty.

Completing all Craft Room bundles unlocks the Quarry. It’s not a high priority early in the game, so don’t worry about completing them all at once. Unlocking two bundles will open up access to the other bundles.

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Boiler Room Bundles

Blacksmith’s Bundle

The Blacksmith’s Bundle requires one Copper Bar, one Iron Bar, and one Gold Bar. Copper can be found in the mines from levels 0 to 40, Iron from levels 40 to 80, and Gold from levels 80 to 120. The reward for completing this bundle is a Furnace.

Geologist’s Bundle

To complete the Geologist’s Bundle, you will need Quartz, which can be found on any level in the mines; Earth Crystals, found from levels 1 to 40 or by killing Duggies; Frozen Tears, found from levels 40 to 80 or by killing Dust Sprites; and Fire Quartz, found after level 80. Repeatedly using the elevator on integer levels can help with this. Note that levels ending in 5 won’t refresh surface items. The reward is five Omni Geodes.

Adventurer’s Bundle

For the Adventurer’s Bundle, you need to choose two of the four available items. Solar Essence and Void Essence can be found in the mines up to level 80. Solar Essence is dropped by Ghosts, and Void Essence is dropped by Shadow creatures. The reward is a Small Magnet Ring.

Completing all Boiler Room bundles unlocks the Minecart, which increases efficiency when traveling to the mines and the town. This can easily be completed in the spring.

Vault Bundles

Lastly, the Vault bundles require gold to complete, totaling 42,500 gold. The rewards include three Chocolate Cakes, 30 Quality Fertilizers, a Lightning Rod, and a Crystalarium. If you need to purchase Starfruit Seeds or explore the Skull Cavern, save up money to unlock the Vault. Once completed, the Bus Stop will be repaired, granting access to the desert map.

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Happy farming and enjoy your time in Stardew Valley!

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