Stardew Valley Cheat: Get the Auto-Petter and Make Your Life Easier!

Are you still tirelessly petting your animals every day? Are you worried about your animals being unhappy? Worry no more! With the 50,000g Auto-Petter, you can free your hands and reach new heights in life.

Auto-Petter in a coop
The Auto-Petter can be placed inside barns and coops to automatically pet animals daily.

Hello, fellow Stardew Valley players. Recently, many of you have asked about the Auto-Petter. In this tutorial, we will cover some essential information about this device. If you’re interested, read on!

What is the Auto-Petter?

First, let’s introduce the Auto-Petter. It’s a patented device from the Joja Corporation that automatically pets animals in your barns and coops daily. However, it’s just a machine and cannot replace the warmth and care of human touch, so it doesn’t provide all the benefits of petting by hand. The Auto-Petter has the following features:

  • it can be placed anywhere,
  • but it only works inside barns and coops.
Auto-Petter in a coop
The Auto-Petter only works inside barns and coops.

I previously placed a few Auto-Petters outside the coop in another tutorial. Many players asked if it works outdoors. The answer is no; it needs to be placed inside a coop or barn to function.

How does Animal Friendship and Mood Values Work in Stardew Valley?

Secondly, the Auto-Petter increases animal affection by 8 points daily and prevents affection loss due to not petting them. To understand this, we need to discuss animal friendship and mood values.

  • Friendship value is shown by the heart icon in the right-click panel,
  • and mood value is represented by the text description below it.

Both values are influenced by various factors daily, including petting. Manually petting an animal increases affection by 15 and mood by 32 to 36. If you have the Coopmaster or Shepherd profession, these values double.

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How does the Auto-Petter Affect Animal Product Quality?

In the game, friendship and mood values determine the quality of animal products. Therefore, even though the Auto-Petter increases affection by eight points, it might still affect product quality as it’s lower than manual petting.

Animal Friendship and Mood Values
Friendship and mood values determine the quality of animal products.

Can I Still Manually Pet Animals with the Auto-Petter Installed?

Thirdly, you can still manually pet animals even with the Auto-Petter installed, but the affection values don’t stack. For example, if the Auto-Petter adds 8 points of affection, petting an animal by hand will still only result in a total of 15 affection points, not 23. However, mood values can stack with manual petting.

Fourthly, the Auto-Petter cannot be sold. So, once you obtain one, place it in a coop or barn to avoid wasting it.

Placing Auto-Petter in a Barn
Once you obtain an Auto-Petter, place it in a coop or barn to avoid wasting it.

How to Obtain an Auto-Petter in Stardew Valley

There are three ways to obtain an Auto-Petter in Stardew Valley:

  1. Players who follow the Joja route can purchase one for 50,000g at the Joja Market after completing the Joja Development Form.
  2. There’s a 3% chance to find one in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern. These rooms randomly appear above floor 10 and are influenced by luck. So, when farming for an Auto-Petter in the Skull Cavern, pick a high-luck day, equip a Luck Ring, and consume luck-boosting food.
Skull Cavern Treasure Room
There’s a 3% chance to find an Auto-Petter in treasure rooms in the Skull Cavern.
  1. Lastly, the Auto-Petter has an extremely low chance to drop from monsters in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room during the Special Order quest “Danger In The Deep.”

Here’s a bonus tip: In Skull Cavern, bring the Burglar and Slime Charmer Rings, and explore the mine with a ton of staircases. Keep an eye on the first 20 floors for infested floors. If you don’t find any, restart and try again. The focus on the first 20 floors is to reduce other monsters and ensure only slimes are present. Once you find an infested floor, use Monster Musk and staircases to repeatedly enter monster-infested floors, searching for Special Slimes (with yellow star). With persistence, you’ll eventually find an Auto-Petter, and you may also receive bonus Iridium Needles, Iridium Bands, and Pressure Nozzles.

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Q: Can I just place the Auto-Petter when my animals reach five hearts and not worry about them anymore?

A: Yes, once your animals reach five hearts, you can use the Auto-Petter without worrying about them. However, if you don’t care much about product quality, you can use the Auto-Petter even before they reach full affection, but be aware that their product quality might be lower in comparison.

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