Stardew Valley Chicken Statue: A Farmer’s Guide to the Fabled Artifact

The Chicken Statue is an intriguing artifact in Stardew Valley, a game known for its farming simulation. This distinctive item has caused quite a stir among players, as it can be obtained in various ways and has different applications within the game. This guide will explore the facets of the Chicken Statue, including its many uses, how to obtain it, and what to do with the extras.

Chicken Statue

The Various Uses of the Chicken Statue

The Chicken Statue serves both decorative and practical purposes in the game. By donating it to the Museum after acquiring four other artifacts, players are rewarded with a Chicken Statue furniture item. In addition, it can be used in the Sewing Machine to create the Fluffy Shirt, and as a yellow dye at Emily’s and Haley’s house’s dye pots. The artifact itself is purely ornamental and does not seem to have any special effects, despite speculations and humorous comments among players.

Obtaining the Chicken Statue

Players can acquire the Chicken Statue artifact by:

  • Digging up an Artifact Spot on the Farm.
  • Finding it in Fishing Treasure Chests or Artifact Troves.
  • Tilling the soil in sandy areas with a hoe.

The discovery of Chicken Statues has significantly increased since the addition of digging spots on the farm, leading to humorous comparisons with real-life ceramic chicken statues. However, the abundance of Chicken Statues is not indicative of any hidden meaning or purpose within the game.

What to Do with Extra Chicken Statues

With the increase in Chicken Statues’ availability, players often find themselves with extras. These can be sold or placed in the shipping bin. Some players enjoy displaying them as decoration in their homes, thanks to the 1.5 update allowing furniture placement in various locations.

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While some players find the abundance of Chicken Statues frustrating, others appreciate the novelty of collecting them. The collection tab keeps track of how many have been found, making it a fun collectible for some players.

How to Spawn a Chicken Statue

Spawning a Chicken Statue is as simple as exploring the farm and utilizing the methods mentioned earlier. The increased number of digging spots has made finding Chicken Statues easier than before, although the spawn rate may vary.

Pros and Cons of Owning a Chicken Statue


  • Contributes to the total count of Museum donations.
  • Used in crafting the Fluffy Shirt and yellow dye.
  • Can be sold or displayed as a decorative item.


  • Abundance can be considered annoying by some players.
  • No special effects or practical use aside from crafting and decoration.

Final Thoughts

The Chicken Statue in Stardew Valley is a fascinating artifact that has captivated the players’ imagination and led to various theories and discussions. Its various uses, both decorative and practical, make it a unique addition to the game.

Whether you choose to donate, craft, display, or sell your Chicken Statues, they provide an entertaining aspect of gameplay in Stardew Valley. Their whimsical presence, paired with their mysterious origins, ensures that the Chicken Statue will remain a memorable artifact in the gaming community.

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