Stardew Valley Divorce | Detail Information About Divorce

When you full enjoyed you life then for getting Stardew Valley Divorce. You should visit to Mayor’s Manor. Then you will see a small book which gives you the option for getting divorce to your wife in Stardew Valley. But the costs for getting divorce is 50,000g Gold.

When you filled the divorce. After that you have chance to cancel the Divorce until 10 pm of that day. Because after 10pm Lewis’s house will closes. Your wife, your wife room, and the unique outside area will be removed from your farm if you don’t cancel the divorce. Now, your friendship will become zero again.


After Getting Divorce

When the divorce is done. Then your ex – wife should reach their old residence where she lives before marriage. After that for you, she will have negative interaction. And then she will not except any gifts given by you in Stardew Valley.

In your ex – wife home and bedroom you should still enter when you have 2 friendship hearts with the ex – wife. At the farm house any children after the marriage will stay. After the Divorce, next day you should able to place any items in the chest of your ex – wife’s room.

In the late game you can visit Witch’s Hut. There you can find a shrine which helps you to erase all the memories of your ex – wife in the Stardew Valley. For erasing the memories of your ex – wife there is offering of 30,000g Gold.


If he is ex – roommate then this will also wipes Krobus memory. After that your ex – wife have no memory of their previous marriage. And this allows you to again date and remarry with your ex – wife if you want.

Childrens After Divorce

During the exchange for the Prismatic Shard the childrens from the marriage they can be turned into doves at the Witch’s Hut. From the Stardew Valley Game they permanently removed.

But, after that another partner have that Childrens. But the main thing is that if the Divorce was cancelled then you have more children with the same partner.

The child will be delivered not be born. If the player gets Divorce and expecting a child. After the divorce your ex – wife neither treat you normally during any of the festival and nor attend your wedding in Stardew Valley. If you don’t erase memory of your ex – wife.


Easy To Get Divorce

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