Stardew Valley Expanded Best Fish Pond(SVE)

The Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE) mod introduces a number of new fish to the game, which can be raised in ponds. Ponds can be a great addition to any farm, providing both aesthetic value and practical benefits.

The benefits of having a fishpond

The fishpond is a feature in Stardew Valley that allows players to store fish. For one, you can fish out of them, which means you can get fish that are out of season. Additionally having a fishpond can provide a source of income through the sale of fish and eggs. It can also be used to fertilize crops, although this is not as efficient as using manure from animals.

The best fish ponds for Stardew Valley with SVE

The best fish ponds for gameplays with SVE are those that are full of expensive fish. This is because the expensive fish will duplicate when placed in the pond, giving you a nice return on investment.

Radioactive Bass, Void Eel, and Shiny Lunaloo are the best-selling fish in terms of the base price. The **Radioactive Bass **is especially lucrative, as it provides radioactive ore bars in addition to its base price. Other good choices include the Minnow, which provides wild bait, and the Butterfish, which provides fish dishes. The Puppyfish is also a good choice for those who want a cute pet, as it’s one of Sophia’s favorite gifts. If you’re going the Joja Warehouse route, the Razor Trout is also a good option.

Fish Price Item(s) Produced Normal Spawn Frequency
Radioactive Bass 900g Radioactive Bar, Radioactive Ore, Radioactive Bass Roe Every 5 days
Void Eel 650g Void Shard, Void Pebble, Void Essence, Void Eel Roe Every 5 days
Shiny Lunaloo 850g Slime Egg, Jelly, Shiny Lunaloo Roe Every 5 days
Minnow 20g Wild Bait, Minnow Roe Every day
Butterfish 225g Glazed Butterfish, Crispy Bass, Baked Fish, Butterfish Roe Every 5 days
Puppyfish 280g Prehistoric Tibia, Hardwood, Puppyfish Roe Every 5 days
Razor Trout 400g Mega Bomb, Bomb, Razor Trout Roe Every 5 days
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Other fish may give you special items when placed in a fish pond, such as prismatic shards, iron ore, or Omni geodes.

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