Stardew Valley Expanded Cooking Recipe Collection Guide

Stardew has an interesting and useful cooking mechanic. However, during my playthroughs, my biggest problem with cooking was recipes, how and where to get them. So, to save you from a similar situation in which I’ve been, this article will contain vital information about dishes in Stardew Valley Expanded which will ultimately help you with your Cooking Collection.

Cooking Collection

To complete the cooking collection you will need to cook a lot. But first, you must find recipes and after that ingredients. I know, it can be tiring sometimes, so that’s why I created a table with information on how to obtain recipes and which ingredients are needed.

Page 1

Stardew Valley Cooking Expanded Collection Page1
Stardew Valley Cooking Expanded Collection Page1
num Dish Recipe Source Ingredients
1 Fried Egg Upgraded Farmhouse Egg
2 Omelet Queen of Sauce 28 Spring, Stardrop Saloon 500g Egg, Milk
3 Salad Emily 3 Hearts Leek, Dandilion, Vinegar
4 Cheese Cauliflower Pam 3 Hearts Cauliflower, Cheese
5 Baked Fish Queen of Sauce 7 Summer Sunfish, Bream, Wheat Flour
6 Parsnip Soup Caroline 3 Hearts Parsnip, Milk, Vinegar
7 Vegetable Medley Caroline 7 Hearts Tomato, Beet
8 Complete Breakfast Queen of Sauce 21 Spring Y2 Fried Egg, Milk, Hashbrowns, Pancakes
9 Fried Calamari Jodi 3 Hearts Squid, Wheat Flour, Oil
10 Strange Bun Shane 3 Hearts Wheat Flour, Periwinkle, Void Mayo
11 Lucky Lunch Queen of Sauce 28 Spring Y2 Sea Cucumber, Tortilla, Blue Jazz
12 Fried Mushroom Demetrius 3 Common Mushroom, Morel, Oil
13 Pizza Queen of Sauce 7 Spring – Y2, Stardrop Saloon 750g Wheat Flour, Tomato, Cheese
14 Bean Hotpot Clint 7 Hearts Green Bean (2)
15 Glazed Yams Queen of Sauce 21 Fall Yam, Sugar
16 Carp Surprise Queen of Sauce 7 Summer Y2 Carp (4)
17 Hashbrowns Queen of Sauce 14 Spring Y2, Stardrop Saloon 250g Potato, Oil
18 Pancakes Queen of Sauce 14 Summer, Stardrop Saloon 500g Wheat Flour, Egg
19 Salmon Dinner Gus 3 Hearts Salmon, Amaranth, Kale
20 Fish Taco Linus 7 Hearts Tuna, Tortilla, Red Cabbage, Mayo
21 Crispy Bass Kent 3 Hearts Largemouth Bass, Wheat Flour, Oil
22 Pepper Poppers Shane 3 Hearts Hot Pepper, Cheese
23 Bread Queen of Sauce 28 Summer, Stardrop Saloon 500g Wheat Flour
24 Tom Kha Soup Sandy 7 Hearts Coconut, Shrimp, Common Mushroom
25 Trout Soup Queen of Sauce 14 Fall Rainbow Trout, Green Algae
26 Chocolate Cake Queen of Sauce 14 Winter Wheat Flour, Sugar, Egg
27 Pink Cake Queen of Sauce 21 Summer Y2 Melon, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Egg
28 Rhubarb Pie Marnie 7 Hearts Rhubarb, Wheat Flour, Sugar
29 Cookie Evelyn 4 Hearts (event) Wheat Flour, Sugar, Egg
30 Spaghetti Lewis 3 Hearts Wheat Flour, Tomato
31 Fried Eel George 3 Hearts Eel, Oil
32 Spicy Eel George 7 Hearts Eel, Hot Pepper
33 Sashimi Linus 3 Hearts Any Fish
34 Maki Roll Queen of Sauce 21 Summer, Stardrop Saloon 1,500g Any Fish, Seaweed, Rice
35 Tortilla Queen of Sauce 7 Fall, Stardrop Saloon 500g Corn
36 Red Plate Emily 7 Hearts Red Cabbage, Radish
37 Eggplant Parmesan Lewis 7 Hearts Eggplant, Tomato
38 Rice Pudding Evelyn 7 Hearts Milk, Sugar, Rice
39 Ice Cream Jodi 7 Hearts Milk, Sugar
40 Blueberry Tart Pierre 3 Hearts Blueberry, Wheat Flour, Sugar, Egg
41 Autumn’s Bounty Demetrius 7 Hearts Yam, Pumpkin
42 Pumpkin Soup Robin 7 Hearts Pumpkin, Milk
43 Super Meal Kent 7 Hearts Bok Choy, Cranberries, Artichoke
44 Cranberry Sauce Gus 7 Hearts Cranberries, Sugar
45 Stuffing Pam 7 Hearts Bread, Cranberries, Hazelnut
46 Farmer’s Lunch Farming Level 3 Omelet, Parsnip
47 Survival Burger Foraging Level 2 Bread, Cave Carrot, Eggplant
48 Dish o’ The Sea Fishing Level 3 Sardine (2), Hashbrowns
49 Miner’s Treat Mining Level 3 Cave Carrot (2), Sugar, Milk
50 Roots Platter Combat Level 3 Cave Carrot, Winter Root
51 Triple Shot Espresso Stardrop Saloon 5,000g Coffee (3)
52 Seafoam Pudding Fishing Level 9 Flounder, Midnight Carp, Squid Ink
53 Algae Soup Clint 3 Hearts Green Algae (4)
54 Pale Broth Marnie 3 Hearts White Algae (2)
55 Plum Pudding Queen of Sauce 7 Winter Wild Plum (2), Wheat Flour, Sugar
56 Artichoke Dip Queen of Sauce 28 Fall Artichoke, Milk
57 Stir Fry Queen of Sauce 7 Spring Cave Carrot, Common Mushroom, Kale, Oil
58 Roasted Hazelnuts Queen of Sauce 28 Summer Y2 Hazelnut (3)
59 Pumpkin Pie Queen of Sauce 21 Winter Pumpkin, Wheat Flour, Milk, Sugar
60 Radish Salad Queen of Sauce 21 Spring Oil, Vinegar, Radish
61 Fruit Salad Queen of Sauce 7 Fall Y2 Blueberry, Melon, Apricot
62 Blackberry Cobbler Queen of Sauce 14 Fall Y2 Blackberry (2), Sugar, Wheat Flour
63 Cranberry Candy Queen of Sauce 28 Winter Cranberries, Apple, Sugar
64 Bruschetta Queen of Sauce 21 Winter Y2 Bread, Oil, Tomato
65 Coleslaw Queen of Sauce 14 Spring Red Cabbage, Vinegar, Mayo
66 Fiddlehead Risotto Queen of Sauce 28 Fall Y2 Oil, Fiddlehead Fern, Garlic
67 Poppyseed Muffin Queen of Sauce 7 Winter Y2 Poppy, Wheat Flour, Sugar
68 Chowder Willy 3 Hearts Clam, Milk
69 Fish Stew Willy 7 Hearts Crayfish, Mussle, Periwinkle, Tomato
70 Escargot Willy 5 Hearts Snail, Garlic
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Stardew Valley Cooking Expanded Collection Page2
Stardew Valley Cooking Expanded Collection Page2
Num Dish Recipe Source Ingredients
1 Lobster Bisque Queen of Sauce 14 Winter, Y2 Lobster, Milk
2 Maple Bar Queen of Sauce 14 Summer Y2 Maple Syrup, Sugar, Wheat Flour
3 Crab Cakes Queen of Sauce 21 Fall Y2 Crab, Wheat Flour, Egg, Oil
4 Shrimp Cocktail Queen of Sauce28, Winter Y2 Tomato, Shrimp, Wild Horseradish
5 Ginger Ale Dwarf Shop in Volcano Dungeon Ginger (x3), Sugar
6 Banana Pudding Island Trader, Bone Fragment (x30) Banana, Milk (Any), Sugar
7 Mango Sticky Rice Leo, Mail 7+ Heart Mango, Coconut, Rice
8 Poi Leo, Mail 3+ Heart Taro Root (x4)
9 Tropical Curry Gus, Ginger Island Resort, 2000g Coconut, Pineapple, Hot Pepper
10 Squid Ink Ravioli Combat Level 9 Wheat Flour (1), Tomato (1), Squid Ink (1)
11 Baked Berry Oatmeal Bear’s shop at the end of Forest West Sugar (1), Wheat Flour (2), Blackberry (15), Salmonberry (15)
12 Big Bark Burger Gus at 5 hearts Oil (1), Bread (1), Puppyfish (1)
13 Flower Cookie Bear’s shop at the end of Forest West Large Egg (1), Sugar (1), Wheat Flour (1), Winter Star Rose (1), Goldenrod (1), Ferngill Primrose (1)
14 Frog Legs Marlon at 2000g and fishing level 5 Wheat Flour (1), Oil (1), Frog (1)
15 Glazed Butterfish Gus at 5 hearts Oil (1), Wheat Flour (1), Butterfish (1)
16 Mixed Berry Pie Gus at 3500g Wheat Flour (1), Sugar (1), Bearberry (6), Blackberry (6), Salal Berry (6), Strawberry (6)
17 Mushroom Berry Rice Marlon’s Shop in Adventurer’s Guild Rice (1), Sugar (2), Red Baneberry (3), Poison Mushroom (3)
18 Seaweed Salad Willy at 1250g Oil (1), Seaweed (2), Dulse Seaweed (2)
19 Void Delight Krobus at 10 hearts and 5000g Void Eel (1), Void Essence (20), Solar Essence (20)
20 Void Salmon Sushi Krobus at 10 hearts and 5000g Void Salmon (1), Void Mayonnaise (1), Seaweed (3)
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House Upgrade

This segment is for all new players who are wondering how to cook in the game. You probably noticed by now that your cabin is missing the kitchen; to unlock it, you’ll have to visit Robin and purchase the first house upgrade for 10,000 gold and 450 wood.

The upgrade will give you the ability to use a cooking pan and store items in a fridge to have easier access to cooking ingredients.

Fridge Access
Fridge Access

(with fridge you can have direct acces to your ingredients for cooking without need to carry them around)

The best time to upgrade your house is after you build the coop, the barn, and the silo.

Coop, Barn, and Silo
Coop, Barn, and Silo

Missed The Recipe from Queen of Sauce

If you haven’t watched Queen of Sauce and got some recipes the good thing is that there is a way to obtain them. For example, if you missed an episode for the Bruschetta recipe which is on the 21st day of the second Winter, the rerun will air 2 years later. The same goes for every specific recipe.

However, there is a faster way. Simply watch reruns on Wednesdays, maybe there will be some recipes you already acquired but it’s better to keep trying than wait 2 whole years.

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