Stardew Valley Expanded: Explore the New Wizard’s Tower and Meet Morgan

Hello everyone, in this tutorial, we will continue to introduce some new locations added in Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE). In this tutorial, we will talk about the brand-new Wizard’s Tower and how to meet Morgan.

The exterior of the Wizard's Tower
The exterior of the Wizard’s Tower in SVE

In SVE, the Wizard’s Tower has undergone some changes. In front of the tower, there are some ancient fruits planted, along with a gigantic crop. In SVE, the Wizard has become a marriage candidate as well.

The new Garden Room added to the Wizard's Tower
The new Garden Room added to the Wizard’s Tower in SVE

A new garden room has been added to the location, where the Wizard cultivates various magical plants. To the left is the entrance to the Wizard’s basement, which triggers a cutscene upon entering for the first time. There are many magic books in the basement, and we pick up one to start reading.

The Wizard appears and tells us that he only allows those he trusts to enter this place. He also informs us that the book has a history of over a hundred years. It seems that the Wizard is fond of ancient fruits, and he learns arcane knowledge through these books.

He mentions that none of the visitors from the town have ever been attracted by these books. The Wizard also says that one day, he will teach us “white magic” to change our appearance. He asks us to stay away from the “Illusion Shrine” and the teleportation corridors. Apart from that, we can browse his book collection freely.

The Illusion Shrine in the Wizard's Tower
The Illusion Shrine in the Wizard’s Tower in SVE

To the right of the basement is the “Illusion Shrine”. After the Wizard’s four-heart event, we can change our appearance here. Going further down, we find the teleportation corridors. The first teleportation circle can take us to the Enchanted Grove later in the game. The second teleportation circle, after completing the Wizard’s magic potion quest, can take us to the Witch’s Hut.

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The third teleportation circle leads to the Fable Reef and the First Slash Guild Hall. The fourth teleportation circle takes us to the Castle Village Guild Hall, which is currently inaccessible. The fifth teleportation circle, after installing the Grampleton map, leads to Grampleton’s Wizard’s Tower. The sixth teleportation circle goes to the Fingel Magic Department, which is also currently inaccessible.

On Wednesdays to Sundays in the third year, after watching the Wizard’s four-heart event, a cutscene will be triggered at the farm. The Wizard tells us that the Fingel Republic Magic Department has assigned him an apprentice, Morgan, and he must follow the department’s orders. He also informs us that Morgan will arrive the next day.

Morgan showing off his magic to the Wizard
Morgan showing off his magic to the Wizard in SVE

The following morning, upon arriving at the Wizard’s Tower, we meet Morgan. Morgan says he left home to study magic with the Wizard and demonstrates his learned magic to us. The Wizard appears, and Morgan admits he just wanted to show off to us.

The Wizard instructs Morgan to go to his own room and study the “Ancient Fruit Yearbook”. The Wizard says that Morgan still has much to learn in terms of control, and he needs to prepare materials for tomorrow’s lesson.

Morgan's small room in the Wizard's Tower
Morgan’s small room in the Wizard’s Tower in SVE

Afterward, we can talk and give gifts to the new SVE NPC, Morgan. Going further up, to the left is the Wizard’s bedroom, and to the right is Morgan’s small room.

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