stardew valley expanded forest west

In Stardew Valley, the Forest west is located at the very end of the left screen. Once inside, break the log (use a steel axe)in the top left to enter the** Secret Woods**.

In the south of the forest, players can find a lot of ancient weapons and manuscripts used for museums: forest sword. Through the excavation of many artifacts found here, it can be inferred that this was a battlefield between humans and dwarves in the past.

Where is the bear merchant

The bear merchant is a character in the Stardew Expanded mod who can be found in the woods on the west side of Forest West. He is located on the top left side of the map, near the walls or edges. To get there, you need to go through the trees.

After reading the secret notebook #23, and give the honey to the bear, the bear starts to sell products from the cave located in Forest West. If the player has not given the bear honey, the interaction with the cave will return with the information “It looks like nobody is at home…

You can buy various items from him.

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