Stardew Valley Guide: Where to Farm Bat Wings

In the enchanting world of Stardew Valley, bat wings are essential resources with a multitude of uses. Whether you’re crafting Iridium Sprinklers, Gem Duplicators, or trading for Butterfly Huts, these delicate wings are in high demand. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various ways to obtain bat wings and optimize your wing farming in the game.

The Significance of Bat Wings

Bat wings are prized for several crafting purposes in Stardew Valley. They are a key ingredient in crafting Iridium Sprinklers and Gem Duplicators, both valuable additions to your farm. During your first year, obtaining bat wings can be particularly challenging, as your primary source of batteries for these devices is the Lightning Rod, which requires 5 bat wings for each Lightning Rod crafted. This alone can quickly deplete your bat wing reserves.

Selling gems in Stardew Valley
If you have completed the museum collection and want to make money by selling gems, you can switch to the Gemologist skill in the sewers.

Additionally, bat wings are crucial for crafting Monster Musk, a potent item that can double the spawn rate of monsters on your farm. This is particularly useful when trying to complete monster-hunting objectives or simply increasing your monster drops. However, creating a single Monster Musk requires a hefty 30 bat wings, making it a resource-intensive endeavor.

Monster Musk

Another fascinating use for bat wings is trading with the Desert Trader for Butterfly Hutch, an exquisite piece of furniture for your farmhouse. The more bat wings you have, the more butterflies you can release indoors, creating a beautiful and lively atmosphere.

The Desert Trader in Stardew Valley
The Desert Trader can exchange jade for staircases on Sundays

Where to Find Bat Wings

Now that we’ve established the importance of bat wings let’s delve into where you can find them in Stardew Valley. There are two primary methods for obtaining bat wings:

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1. Purchase from Krobus

Krobus, the mysterious vendor who operates in the Sewers, is a reliable source for bat wings. Every Sunday, Krobus sells 10 bat wings for the reasonable price of 30 gold each. While this is a cost-effective way to acquire bat wings, it does have the limitation of only being available once a week.

Image of Krobus in the Sewer
Void Chickens can be purchased at Krobus’ shop in the Sewer

2. Defeat Bats

The most common method for obtaining bat wings is by defeating bats within the game. Stardew Valley features seven types of bats, with five of them dropping bat wings:

Defeat Bats

a. Regular Bats (Mines: Floors 30–40)

  • 90% chance of dropping bat wings
  • 40% chance of an additional bat wing drop
  • Expected yield: 1.3 bat wings per bat

Regular bats can be frustrating to deal with due to their prevalence in dark, hard-to-navigate mine levels. Even with the aid of illumination rings, spotting and engaging these bats can be challenging.

b. Frost Bats (Mines: Floors 40–80)

  • 90% chance of dropping bat wings
  • 55% chance of an additional bat wing drop
  • Expected yield: 1.45 bat wings per bat

Frost bats are encountered in the lower mine levels and are more manageable to defeat than regular bats. They are more numerous, and you can focus on mining activities while collecting bat wings.

c. Lava Bats (Mines: Floors 80–120)

  • 90% chance of dropping bat wings
  • 70% chance of an additional bat wing drop
  • Expected yield: 1.6 bat wings per bat

Lava bats are found in the deepest mine levels, and while they offer a higher expected yield of bat wings, the difficulty in dealing with stronger monsters may offset this advantage. Consider mining here if you want to increase your combat level.

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d. Bat-infested Caverns (Skull Cavern and Mutant Bug Lair)

  • Bat wing drops in these areas are relatively low and less efficient compared to the mine levels.
  • Expect 1 to 3 bats per cavern.

e. Monster Floors (Mines and Skull Cavern)

  • These floors may occasionally spawn bats, but they are not a reliable source for bat wings.

Additional Tips for Efficient Bat Wing Farming

  • Utilize the Burglar’s Ring: Acquiring the Burglar’s Ring significantly increases the drop rate of items from monsters, including bat wings. This makes it an invaluable tool for efficient farming.
  • Choose the Right Mine Level: When actively farming bat wings, consider the floor levels carefully. For example, levels 45, 55, and 65 are popular choices for farming bat wings, as they contain a mix of frost and regular bats.
  • Use Monster Musk: When you’re ready to farm bats actively, craft Monster Musk to double their spawn rate. However, keep in mind that this consumes a considerable number of bat wings, so use it strategically.
  • Optimize Your Combat Gear: Equip the best combat gear and weapons to make battling bats easier. Increasing your combat level and obtaining better weapons can significantly improve your efficiency.

In conclusion, bat wings are versatile resources in Stardew Valley, and you’ll find various uses for them throughout your farming journey. Whether you choose to purchase them from Krobus or take on the challenge of defeating bats in the mines and caverns, understanding where and how to obtain bat wings will enhance your gameplay experience.

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