Stardew Valley: How Long Do Trees Take to Grow? A Comprehensive Guide

Ever wonder why your trees aren’t growing as expected in Stardew Valley? Whether you’re looking to start a tree farm, need wood for crafting, or you’re keen on making that extra buck from tapping, this guide will clarify the often confusing aspects of tree growth mechanics in the game.

The Basics of Tree Growth

In Stardew Valley, tree growth is a random but predictable process. A tree grows in four main stages and takes a median time of 24 days from seed to maturity. However, you’ll often find individual trees taking their own sweet time, sometimes stretching it to 55 days!

Pro Tip: Stumps on your farm won’t regrow into trees. If you want a new tree, you’ll have to plant a new one using a maple seed, acorn, or pinecone.

Growing Conditions

General Requirements

  1. Spacing: For common trees like oak, maple, and pine, make sure there’s at least one empty tile on all sides.
  2. Terrain: You can plant a tree in any empty tile, even fully paved areas!
  3. Season: Trees grow in spring, summer, and fall but go dormant in winter unless fertilized.


What Slows Them Down

  1. Debris: Sticks, stones, and leaves can spawn each season and slow down growth.
  2. Maturity Block: Two mature trees cannot be side by side; this halts the growth of adjacent seedlings.

tree arrangements

Speeding up Tree Growth

Fertilizer to the Rescue

Tree fertilizer will accelerate the growth by a fixed rate. A fertilized seed takes only 5 days to reach maturity and will even grow in winter.

Mods and Cheats

The CJB mod allows for instant tree growth but is considered cheat-y by some players. Use it at your own discretion.

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Troubleshooting Tree Growth

The Unlucky Streak

Sometimes trees just won’t grow. This is likely due to bad RNG; you’ve been unlucky with the 20% chance per night for a tree to grow a stage.

Broken Tiles

Rarely, specific tiles on the farm may be glitched, stunting tree growth even when fertilized.

Quick Fix: Replant your problematic trees in different tiles to avoid this issue.

Best Time to Plant

The best time to plant is arguably at the beginning of a season other than winter. This ensures that your trees have the maximum amount of time to grow before winter hits. Don’t forget that pre-existing trees that are chopped down outside your farm have a 20% chance of regrowing, even in winter.

Note: Trees like Maple yield syrup every 9 days when tapped, while Oak yields resin every 7–8 days. So plan accordingly!


Tree farming in Stardew Valley is not as straightforward as it seems. However, understanding the mechanics and conditions can significantly optimize your approach. Whether you’re a casual farmer or a min-maxing veteran, mastering tree growth is a key part of your Stardew Valley success story.

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