Stardew Valley Marriage Choices: What the Community Thinks

One question Stardew Valley players often ponder is, “Who should I marry?” My typical answer has always been, “Marry whoever catches your eye; it’s all about personal preference.” There’s no definitive ‘best’ or ‘worst’ spouse in Stardew Valley, as it all depends on your personal likes and dislikes. However, I recently conducted a poll that drew responses from 3000+ players to explore community preferences in marriage choices. The results are illuminating, to say the least.

Note: All percentages mentioned are based on this poll.

Overall Gender Preferences

At a general level, female spouses seemed to be more popular, with 66% of the votes, while male spouses received only 23%. This can partly be attributed to traditional relationship expectations—most male players prefer female spouses and vice versa. However, it’s worth noting that the percentage of female-female couples significantly outnumbers male-male pairings.

Detailed Breakdown: Male Choices

Sebastian: 9%

Sebastian comes out on top, which isn’t too surprising. Many players initially select a spouse based on appearance, and Sebastian’s dark and mysterious look is certainly captivating. His heart events are relatively easy to trigger, especially with gifts of Frozen Tears that you can easily find while mining or fishing—two activities where you can often find him.

Shane: 5%

Shane is another popular pick. He’s easily accessible and loves beer, which you can readily buy. His early dialogues, while abrasive, create a strong impression, and his struggles with self-worth make him relatable to some players. Giving him a helping hand almost feels like a form of self-rescue.

Elliott: 3%

The primary disadvantage with Elliott is his remote living location, and he tends to leave his home later in the day. His favorite gifts aren’t easy to get early on. However, his long hair has led many players to mistake him for a female character, keeping his popularity from plummeting.

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Others: 2% each for Alex, Harvey, and Sam

  • Alex: His early dialogues make him seem frivolous, which doesn’t help his popularity. His favorite gifts are hard to come by, making it challenging to raise his heart levels quickly.
  • Harvey: His main hangout, the clinic, doesn’t see much foot traffic, so few players interact with him regularly. Also, his bearded appearance may make him seem older, limiting his appeal.
  • Sam: Despite being the town’s musician, Sam is not as popular as one might think. Perhaps his spiky Super Saiyan-like hairstyle and slightly rebellious appearance may not appeal to everyone.

Detailed Breakdown: Female Choices

Haley: 16%

Haley stands out as the most popular female spouse. Her blonde hair and stunning beauty captivate many players, despite her initially abrasive personality. Many players who get to know her better find her attitude changes substantially as her heart level increases.

Emily and Abigail: 15% each

  • Emily: Her endearing avatar and easily obtainable favorite gifts (gems, mainly) make her a popular choice. After marriage, she even gifts you a set of clothes, cementing her appeal.
  • Abigail: She’s youthful and fun-loving, enjoys gaming, and is up for adventures. Her diverse interests, from playing the flute to caring for animals, make her a well-rounded partner.

Penny: 13%

Penny might not be an immediate eye-catcher, but her conscientiousness shines through upon deeper interaction. Despite her alcoholic mother and the burden of taking care of her family, she remains positive and focused on her life goals.

Leah: 7%

Leah’s artistic pursuits and past relationships seem to have polarized the player community, making her a less common choice compared to other female spouses.

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Maru: 0%

The poll showed minimal support for Maru, likely due to her lower visibility in the game and perhaps her focus on scientific pursuits, which may not appeal to all.

Others: Krobus at 6% and Single at 4%

  • Krobus: A unique option for those not interested in traditional marriage.
  • Single: Some players prefer the solo lifestyle, focusing more on farming and community involvement.

Conclusion: A Spectrum of Choices

Stardew Valley offers a rich tapestry of marriage options, each with their own sets of pros and cons. It’s this diversity that makes choosing a life partner in the game both challenging and rewarding. Your choice could be influenced by a range of factors, from initial physical attraction and easy-to-give gifts to deeper emotional connection developed through heart events.

While this poll may provide some insights, remember that your ideal spouse in Stardew Valley is ultimately up to you. After all, the beauty of the game lies in its freedom and the unique experiences it offers to each player.

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