Stardew Valley Multiplayer Cabins: Your Essential Guide

Stardew Valley isn’t just a solo farming experience; it also offers a rich multiplayer mode where you can farm with friends. A cornerstone of this multiplayer functionality is the Multiplayer Cabin, an essential structure if you’re looking to invite friends to your farm. Here’s everything you need to know.

Multiplayer Cabins in Stardew Valley

What Are Multiplayer Cabins?

As the name suggests, Multiplayer Cabins are designed for multiplayer use. Each guest (or “farmhand”) on your farm must have their own cabin. Without these cabins, new players can’t join your game.

Setting Up Cabins

When you create a new save file, the farm doesn’t come with any Multiplayer Cabins by default. However, you can include them by going to the advanced settings under multiplayer options. Here, you can select between one to three cabins to start with.

Cabin Placement

Cabin placement matters too! You can set them close to your main farmhouse or at a more distant location. Proximity is generally recommended, especially for easier collaboration between players.

Types of Multiplayer Cabins

You can build cabins through Robin’s Carpentry Shop, and there are three types to choose from:

  1. Stone Cabin: Costs 100g and 10 stones.
  2. Fiber Cabin: Costs 100g, 5 woods, and 10 fibers.
  3. Wood Cabin: Costs 100g and 10 woods.

Materials are quite easy to come by, and these cabins are built instantly as they are prefabricated, according to Robin.


Co-op Mode and Game Settings

If you start your farm in Co-op mode, additional settings will appear. These let you configure the initial number of cabins, the profit margin, and how the money is managed among the players. If no one joins your co-op game, it essentially behaves like a single-player game.

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Functionality Beyond Multiplayer

Even if you’re not in multiplayer, these cabins can be beneficial. For instance, beds inside the cabins can be used for resting. This is particularly useful when placed near different farm entrances, like near the Mines if you haven’t unlocked Minecarts yet.

Storage Space

Each cabin has an internal space of 70 tiles. Except for the bed and some starter items, most furniture can be moved or taken out. With only seven tiles occupied by the bed and items, cabins offer significant storage space for machines like furnaces, chests, and kegs.

Alternative Uses and Advanced Tips

  1. Split-Screen Multiplayer: Create an extra farmhand through split-screen, and you can use their cabin for extra seeds or tools.
  2. Tool Availability: This extra farmhand could have a set of tools, which can be stored for use when your primary tools are being upgraded.
  3. Late-Game Scaling: As you become more affluent, you can upgrade this additional cabin to increase storage or as a secondary base.

Cabin Customization

Like other farm buildings, cabins can be moved, demolished, or painted. And although each type of cabin has a different exterior, their interiors are the same. Customization can go a long way to make your farm more organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Cabin Customization

Wrapping Up

Multiplayer Cabins may seem straightforward, but with thoughtful placement, customization, and a few advanced tricks, they can become an invaluable asset on your Stardew Valley farm. Whether you’re deep into a multiplayer game or running a solo operation, understanding how to make the most of these cabins can provide some practical benefits.

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