Stardew Valley Multiplayer Tips: From Luau to Galaxy Sword and More!

The Luau and Increasing Villager Friendship

Everyone familiar with Stardew Valley knows about the Luau festival, where the Governor comes to taste the potluck soup. You can contribute an ingredient to the soup to increase friendship points with the villagers. This excludes Sandy, the Dwarf, the Wizard, and Krobus.

Friendship Points

  • Exceptional ingredient: +120 points
  • Good ingredient: +60 points
  • Neutral ingredient: 0 points
  • Poor ingredient: -50 points

In multiplayer, each player can contribute one ingredient to the potluck. If someone forgets to add an ingredient, the observant Governor will notice something is missing. Here’s the catch—the friendship points are not individually assessed but are summed up based on each player’s contributions. So if 10 players all add the best ingredient, each villager will get a whopping 1200 friendship points.

The Luau

Example: In one of our 6-player sessions, some players added sub-par ingredients, which resulted in Robin gaining the highest friendship at one heart. But after the festival, Robin had 3 hearts and everyone else had at least 2 hearts.

Unlocking the Galaxy Sword

In the desert map, you can exchange Prismatic Shards between three pillars to unlock the powerful Galaxy Sword. This weapon is stronger than many others and is crucial for clearing Skull Cavern.

Unlocking the Galaxy Sword

Multiplayer Bonus: In single-player, you can only obtain the sword once, but in multiplayer, each player can unlock it. Players who have exchanged a Prismatic Shard can also purchase the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger from Marlon, while those who haven’t cannot.

Mr. Qi’s Kindness and Cooperative Quests

Multiplayer quests in Stardew Valley differ significantly from those in single-player. When one person accepts a quest from the notice board or from Mr. Qi, all players in the session receive it, and everyone can contribute to its completion.

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Co-op Quests

Co-op Quests: For example, if there’s a Mr. Qi’s kindness quest that requires you to give 50 loved gifts in a week, it can be quite challenging for a single player due to the gift-giving limits. However, in multiplayer, everyone’s gift count adds up, making these quests much more manageable.

Qi Gems: Every player can earn Qi Gems as rewards for quest completion. And if you exchange Walnuts for Qi Gems, every player receives them. But Qi Gems dropped from monsters can only be collected by the player who defeated the monster.

Managing Idle Players

Sometimes in multiplayer sessions, you might encounter players who remain idle, perhaps sitting on a chair or begging with sunglasses on. To manage such players, simply ride your horse next to them. They’ll automatically get off their chair!

Pro Tip: We highly recommend modding your slingshot to shoot players; it can be a fun way to nudge your idle teammates into action.

Managing Idle Players

That wraps up this session of Stardew Valley Multiplayer Tips. Hope you find these helpful for a more enriching farming life!

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