Stardew Valley: Mushroom Cave vs Fruit Bat Cave Guide

Stardew Valley offers a unique gaming experience, with a multitude of options available to players. One such choice is between the Mushroom Cave and the Fruit Bat Cave. In this article, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of each cave to help you make an informed decision based on your personal preferences and gaming style.

Unlocking the Cave

Demetrius character in Stardew Valley
Demetrius is the character who unlocks the cave for research

When a player’s money exceeds 25,000 gold, Demetrius will visit the farm and ask if we want to let him use the cave for research. He will offer two choices: the Fruit Bat Cave and the Mushroom Cave. Remember, this choice is irreversible, so choose wisely based on your gameplay and preferences.

Mushroom Cave Overview

Inside view of the Mushroom Cave in Stardew Valley
The Mushroom Cave produces mushrooms every day


Different types of mushrooms in Stardew Valley
The Mushroom Cave produces five types of mushrooms

When you choose the Mushroom Cave, six mushroom boxes will appear inside, and they will produce mushrooms every day. There are five types of mushrooms: Common Mushroom, Morel, Chanterelle, Red Mushroom, and Purple Mushroom. Red Mushrooms and Purple Mushrooms have a slightly lower probability of appearing.

  1. Stable and High Yield: By choosing the Mushroom Cave, six mushroom boxes will appear, producing mushrooms daily. Players can harvest 168 mushrooms per season if they collect them every day.
Common mushrooms and life elixir in Stardew Valley
Common mushrooms can be used in the mines and to make life elixir
  1. Versatility: Common Mushrooms can be used in the mines, while other mushrooms can be used to make Life Elixir.
  2. Early-Game Development: The Mushroom Cave is well-suited for players focusing on brewing and mining, allowing for large ore accumulation for kegs and making money from brewing in later stages of the game.


Stardew Valley automation mod
Daily harvesting in the Mushroom Cave can be tedious without automation mods
  1. Requires Daily Harvesting: If you don’t use automation mods, you need to harvest daily, which can be tedious.
  2. No Foraging Experience: The mushrooms don’t increase foraging experience and are not affected by foraging skills, so they will always be of normal quality.
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Who Should Choose the Mushroom Cave?

The Mushroom Cave is more suitable for experienced players and those who enjoy mining and speed runs. Some mushrooms are harder to find, only available in the Secret Woods.

Fruit Bat Cave Overview

Inside view of the Fruit Bat Cave in Stardew Valley
The Fruit Bat Cave is dark and has bats that leave fruits

When you choose the Fruit Bat Cave, the cave will be dark, with some red eyes that may look scary, but don’t worry, there are no monsters. Bats will leave fruits for you, including fruits from fruit trees and forageable fruits. There are ten types of fruits in total, and they are not affected by the season.

Different types of fruits in Stardew Valley
The Fruit Bat Cave produces ten types of fruits


  1. Low-Maintenance: The Fruit Bat Cave allows you to harvest a large number of fruits once per season and can store an unlimited amount of fruit.
  2. Late-Game Development: The Fruit Bat Cave is more suitable for later stages of the game, as players can quickly complete Community Center bundles with good luck and unlock the greenhouse.
  3. Foraging Experience and Quality: The fruits increase foraging experience and are affected by foraging skills, so if you choose the Botanist profession, you can harvest Iridium-quality fruits.


  1. Fruits Do Not Appear Every Day: Players can collect about 50-60 fruits per season, which is less than the Mushroom Cave.
  2. Less Obvious Advantages in Late Game: After planting fruit trees and completing Community Center bundles, the Fruit Bat Cave’s advantage becomes less apparent.

Who Should Choose the Fruit Bat Cave?

The Fruit Bat Cave is more appealing for beginners, who usually choose the Community Center route instead of the Joja route and are less likely to be hardcore gamers or pursue speed runs. Accumulating a large number of ores for kegs may not be necessary for these players. They may be satisfied with the ores collected during regular mining sessions. The Fruit Bat Cave is low-maintenance, and players won’t lose anything if they forget to check it for an extended period.

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If they are lucky, they may obtain the necessary fruits for Community Center bundles, making the process more enjoyable.

For early-game energy needs, players can fish for Chub and Smallmouth Bass to replenish their energy. After foraging for Salmonberries in spring, they should be able to harvest around 100-200, which is more than enough to replenish their energy, so they don’t necessarily need to rely on mushrooms, although it may be slightly more inconvenient.

Final Thoughts

Stardew Valley is a game with a high degree of freedom, and there is no “must-choose” option. The advice and opinions shared here are simply my personal suggestions for new players. I hope you can consider the pros and cons and make a reasonable choice based on your needs and gameplay preferences.

Remember, your choice between the Mushroom Cave and the Fruit Bat Cave is irreversible, so consider your playing style and long-term goals before deciding. Ultimately, Stardew Valley is about enjoying the experience and building a thriving farm, so choose the path that brings you the most enjoyment.

We hope this guide helps you make an informed decision about which cave to choose in Stardew Valley. Happy farming!

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