Stardew Valley Paths & Floors: Crafting Guide and Best Uses

Hello everyone! In Stardew Valley, floors can prevent trees from dropping seeds and grass from spreading. They can also be used for decoration, such as creating paths and platforms. In this guide, we will briefly discuss the types of craftable flooring, their sources, and their uses. There are 13 types of craftable flooring in the game, and they can be classified according to their recipe sources.

Flooring Categories

Built-in Flooring

These three types of flooring come with the game: Wood Path, Gravel Path, and Cobblestone Path.

Flooring Sold by NPCs

Dwarf sells the recipe for Weathered Flooring, while Krobus sells the recipe for Crystal Flooring. The remaining eight types can be purchased from Robin’s Carpenter Shop, including Wood Floor, Country Wood Floor, Straw Floor, Stone Floor, Stone Walkway Floor, Brick Floor, Stepping Stone Path, and Crystal Path.

Differences Between Paths and Floors

Paths and floors have different names and uses. Paths are more suitable for narrow single-player walkways or as decorations for indoor or outdoor landscapes. Floors are better for wider paths or large area paving.

Wood Paths

Wood Paths can be used to separate and guide areas, such as paths in forests or grasslands, or dividing large fields. They can also be used for natural landscape decoration.

Stone Paths

There are three types of Stone Paths: Gravel Path, Cobblestone Path, and Stepping Stone Path. The Gravel Path can be used for decoration or separation. The other two can be used for single-row paths or decorations.

Crystal Paths

Crystal Paths have more vibrant colors and are suitable for winding paths. They can also be combined with other paths for wider, straight paths or pavements.

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Flooring Materials

Flooring materials are generally larger, making them more suitable for main paths and platforms.

Wood Flooring

There are four types of Wood Flooring: Wood Floor, Country Wood Floor, Straw Floor, and Weathered Flooring. Wood Flooring gives a comfortable and cozy feeling, suitable for all ground paving. Wood Floor can be used for storage and work areas, platforms, and waterfront buildings. Country Wood Floor is less uniform, making it more suitable for natural landscapes.

Straw Flooring

Straw Flooring is mostly used indoors or with crop-related themes.

Weathered Flooring

This type of flooring appears more nostalgic and has similar uses to Wood Floor.

Stone Flooring

There are three types of Stone Flooring: Stone Floor, Stone Walkway Floor, and Brick Floor. All are suitable for main paths and large area paving. They can be combined with non-wooden buildings and landscapes, or used for large town-style decorations. Each type has its own style and can be chosen based on personal preferences.

Crystal Flooring

Crystal Flooring looks more upscale and is suitable for highlighting and decorating but not as roads or large platforms. It can be placed around valuable items, buildings, or ornamental flowers and fruit trees.

In Conclusion

The variety of flooring styles in Stardew Valley is somewhat limited, but they can be combined for a more personalized look. There are many beautiful decoration ideas available online, which can be used as inspiration when decorating your farm. This guide is just an introduction to flooring, so we hope it helps you understand what each type looks like. See you in the next guide!

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