Stardew Valley Recipe Guide: Tasks for Rewards

Welcome, friends! In this article, we’ll continue discussing tasks that reward you with recipes in the game Stardew Valley.

A screenshot of the Special Order Board in Stardew Valley
Special Order Board in Stardew Valley

1. Caroline’s “Island Ingredients”

To complete this task, you need to sell 100 crops, choosing from Taro, Ginger, or Pineapples. The task has two parts: collect 100 crops and sell 100 crops. Pineapples are the easiest, as you can obtain a lot of Pineapple Seeds by exploring the Volcano on Ginger Island. Use a Seed Maker to multiply your seeds and plant in advance. If you already have 50 Pineapples planted, this task becomes a breeze. Taro is also easy to grow by planting within three tiles of water, and it matures in just 7 days without the need for a sprinkler. The reward for this task is the Solar Panel recipe, which produces one Battery in seven sunny days.

2. Clint’s “Cave Patrol”

Defeat 50 monsters, choosing from Bats, Dust Sprites, Skeletons, or Grubs. Bats might be slightly more challenging, but the other three can be completed quickly. The reward is the Crystal Breaker recipe, which isn’t particularly useful, so just craft one to unlock it.

3. Demetrius’ “Aquatic Overpopulation” and “Ecological Balance”

“Aquatic Overpopulation” requires you to catch 10 specific fish, while “Ecological Balance” requires you to catch 20 fish from a fixed body of water. The latter is easier to complete. The reward is the Farm Computer recipe, which requires a Dwarf Gadget, Battery Pack, and 10 Refined Quartz. So don’t assume Dwarf Gadgets are useless once you’ve donated them to the Museum.

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4. Gunther’s “Fragments of the Past”

Collect 100 bones and place them on the Museum counter. You can use any type of bones or fossils. Half of this task can be completed by excavating bones on Ginger Island, while the rest can be done by fighting skeletons in the mines between levels 70 and 80. The reward is the Bone Mill recipe, which turns bones into fertilizer.

5. Linus’ “Community Cleanup”

Collect 20 pieces of trash and deliver them to the trash bin at the Train Station. You can quickly collect trash by fishing in trash-rich areas, like the hot springs and 100th level of the Lava Layer. Trash from Crab Pots also works. The reward is the Fiber Seeds recipe, which requires 1 Mixed Seed, 5 Sap, and 1 Clay. You can plant these seeds in any season.

6. Robin’s “Robin’s Resources”

Collect 1,000 Wood or 1,000 Stone. You can either gather the resources yourself or buy them from Robin. The reward is the Stone Chest recipe, which is more visually appealing than the Wooden Chest.

7. Willy’s “Juicy Bugs”

Collect 100 Bug Meat for Willy. You can quickly find Bug Meat by exploring levels 15 and 25 in the mines. If you have the Burglar’s Ring, you can also kill monsters in the Sewers to collect Bug Meat. Deliver the Bug Meat to Willy’s barrel on the beach to trigger a cutscene. The reward is the Quality Bobber recipe, which requires 1 Copper Bar, 20 Sap, and 5 Solar Essence. This item is primarily used for catching Iridium-quality fish.

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8. Wizard’s “Ectoplasm”

Defeat Ghosts in the mines and collect Ectoplasm, then deliver it to the Wizard. Ride the elevator up and down level 65 to find Ghosts easily. Drinking Monster Musk is not necessary, as it would be wasteful. On average, you’ll encounter a Ghost every two trips, with a 9.5% chance of dropping Ectoplasm. The task can be completed in a short amount of time. The reward is the Mini Obelisk recipe, which can only be placed on your farm. Two Mini Obelisks can be used to teleport between each other, but unfortunately, they cannot be placed on Ginger Island.

9. Wizard’s “Prismatic Jelly”

Kill Prismatic Slimes in the mines and collect Prismatic Jelly, then deliver it to the Wizard to complete the task. Repeatedly visit level 5 of the mines to find Prismatic Slimes. Be cautious, as Prismatic Slimes have significantly higher attack and health compared to regular Slimes. The reward is the Monster Musk recipe, which requires 30 Slime and 30 Bat Wings. The concoction lasts for 10 minutes and significantly increases the number of monsters. It is very useful for farming monsters in the late game.

To achieve a 100% completion, collecting all recipes is essential. Good luck on your farming journey!

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