Stardew Valley Remixed Community Bundles: A Guide to the New Mixed Bundles

Hello, friends! In this tutorial, we’ll discuss the thrilling mixed Bundles, officially known as the Remixed Community Bundles in Stardew Valley. Unlike the fixed Bundles, selecting the mixed Bundle option will add a few new ones, with random elements drawn from them for each offering. Let’s examine them one by one.

Craft Room Bundles

The Foraging Bundles for Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter remain unchanged. However, the other two Bundles will now have a 2-out-of-4 choice. The Building and Exotic Foraging Bundles from before are now joined by two new options: the Sticky Bundle, which requires 500 Sap (quite a challenge as it takes at least 84 trees), and the Wild Medicine Bundle, which has a 3-out-of-4 choice and is relatively easy if you have a Mushroom Cave.

Pantry Bundles

The Crop Bundles for Spring, Summer, and Autumn remain the same, but the other three are now a 3-out-of-7 choice. The Animal and Artisan Bundles remain unchanged, but the High-Quality Crop Bundle now features random crops. The Rare Crop Bundle requires either an Ancient Fruit or a Gem Berry, which is relatively easy to obtain. The Garden Bundle is a 4-out-of-5 choice of flowers, similar to the crop Bundles.

Fish Tank Bundles

River Fish, Lake Fish, Ocean Fish, and Night Fishing Bundles remain unchanged. The other two Bundles are now a 2-out-of-4 choice, with the Crab Pot and Specialty Fish Bundles joined by the Fishing Master Bundle and the Quality Fish Bundle. These new options might take some time but are not too difficult.

Boiler Room Bundles

There are now 3-out-of-5 choices, with two new additions. The Treasure Hunter Bundle requires five out of six types of gems, which is not challenging. The Engineer Bundle, which contains Iridium Ore, a Battery Pack, and five Refined Quartz, makes unlocking the minecart a bit more difficult, as Iridium Ore and Battery Packs might not be 100% available in Spring.

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Bulletin Board Bundles

There are now 5-out-of-8 choices, with three new options. The Family Chef Bundle (10 eggs, 10 milk, and 100 wheat flour) is relatively easy. The Children’s Bundle (10 Large Treeberries) is even simpler, as cookies and ice cream are readily available. The Gatherer’s Bundle requires a choice of two out of three options: 50 Large Treeberries, 50 Blackberries, or 50 Wildberries.

Overall, the difficulty hasn’t increased, but there is a chance the minecart will be unlocked later, making it more challenging. The key issue is not knowing what is needed in advance, making preparation difficult. For beginners, it’s better to stick with the standard Bundles first.

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