Stardew Valley Sebastian | Detail Information Of Sebastian

About Stardew Valley Sebastian. Sebastian is a character in Stardew Valley. He lives with his family in Stardew Valley. Actually, Sebastian parents’ has a basement where Sebastian live. He feels that when he is left to rot during the dark then his sister gets all adoration and attention. His sister name ‘Maru’ who is older then Sebastian.

In computer games, sci-fi novels and comic books where he tends to deeply absorbed. He also do freelancing in his Computer whenever he wants. In Stardew Valley sometimes he spend more time in his hobbies in his room.

Sebastian Relationships In Stardew Valley

Sebastian lives along with his Step-Dad ‘Demetrius‘, his mother ‘Robin’ and elder sister ‘Maru‘. Sometimes Robin calls ‘Sebby’ to Sebastian. Sebastian feels that his sister Maru treat better then he is.


During winter he removes his step-dad Demetrius Demands. When he talks about building snow-goon during Winter. Sam and Sebastian is good friends. They always found playing pool at the Stardrop Saloon or at Sam’s house.

During festivals along with Abigail they stand together. May be that Sebastian crush with Abigail when Sam tells the players that sebastian really wanted to be their drummer for few reasons.

When Sebastian and Abigail not dancing with any players during Flower Dance. Then Abigail dances with Sebastian.

Gifts Given To Sebastian

If you want then you are able to give per week two gifts ( when his birthday then you able to give one gift more ). This will shows your Friendship that, your friendship become best or not.

‘Winter 10’ is the best gift for his birthday. It shows a unique dialogue because it gives 8x effect.

Marriage Of Sebastian In Stardew Valley


Sebastian will went into the farmhouse when he gets married. Just like the marriage of other peoples. As a bedroom he will add his own room. For his motorcycle behind the farmhouse he will also setup a small area. And for working on it sometimes he go there.

Inside the farmhouse when Sebastian stays all day during morning he will offer you for Coffee. May be he offers a gift during rainy days like – Void Essence, Amethyst, Frozen Tear, Bat Wing, Cave Carrot and Obsidian. For celebrate the New Year on ‘Winter 28’ he will give you a Beer.


Outside the Pierre’s General Store in the board Sebastian randomly requested an item at the ‘Help Wanted’. The reward which is given you 150 Friendship points and 3x the base value of the item’s.

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