Stardew Valley: What Happens at 100% Perfection?

Hello, friends! Previously, many of you have asked me what happens when you reach 100% perfection in Stardew Valley? Can the game still be played normally after achieving perfection? In this tutorial, I will share some related information for those who are interested (note: the tutorial contains spoilers, so please do not read if you mind).

First, let me reassure you that the game can still be played normally after reaching 100% perfection. Moreover, some additional late-game content will be unlocked, so don’t worry! Now, let’s see what happens after achieving 100% perfection.

Unlocking the Path to the Summit

A screenshot of the summit area unlocked after achieving 100% perfection in Stardew Valley
Summit area unlocked after achieving 100% perfection

Firstly, the morning after reaching perfection, you will see a line of text in the bottom left corner, suggesting that your grandfather is very proud of you. Then, you will hear a rumbling sound in the distance, and the path to the summit will be unlocked. This external area is located to the north of the railroad and was initially blocked by a large rock.

The Game’s Ending Cutscene

A screenshot of the special cutscene triggered upon reaching the summit in Stardew Valley
Special cutscene triggered upon reaching the summit

Once unlocked, you will enter a long passage and trigger a special cutscene – the game’s ending – upon your first visit to the peak. If you’re married at this point, your spouse will appear on the summit and engage in conversation with you. If you are not married or married to Krobus, those who chose the Community Center route will talk to Mayor Lewis, while those who went with the Joja route will speak to Morris.

Memorable Animation

A screenshot of the ending cutscene in Stardew Valley with the main character and their spouse on the summit
Ending cutscene with the main character and their spouse on the summit

After the conversation, you will see a lengthy memory animation featuring characters you have encountered in the game. This animation may include some Easter eggs, which can differ for each player. There’s a 25% chance that a seasonal bird will fly by, and if you’ve turned multiple children into doves, there’s a 15% chance they will appear at the end of the sequence.

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Special Events

A screenshot of the memory animation featuring characters from Stardew Valley
Memory animation featuring characters from the game

If you’ve triggered Harvey’s 8-heart event, there’s a 10% chance that a jet plane will appear. If you’ve triggered Maru’s 10-heart event, there’s a 5% chance that her robot will fly by. If you trigger this animation on the 25th of Winter, Santa Claus might appear, but I didn’t experience this myself.

Emotional Experience

Watching this cutscene can evoke strong emotions, reminding you of the time when you first started rebuilding your farm. In the end, your grandfather and Mr. Qi will appear together to express their admiration.

Unlocking Statue Of True Perfection

A screenshot of the True Perfection statue in Stardew Valley
True Perfection statue in Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room

Upon reaching 100% perfection, you can unlock the Statue Of True Perfectionin Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room on Ginger Island. When placed, the statue will produce a Prismatic Shard daily.

Obtaining Golden Egg

A screenshot of the Golden Egg item in Stardew Valley
Golden Egg item

You will also unlock the Golden Egg, which can be hatched into a golden chick using the coop’s incubator. You can purchase Golden Eggs from Marnie’s Ranch and Mr. Qi’s Walnut Room, or obtain them through random Witch events or fishing treasure chests.

Special Hat

A screenshot of the special hat item in Stardew Valley
Special hat obtained from interacting with the monkey at the forge

After reaching 100% perfection, interact with the monkey at the forge on the top floor of the Volcano to obtain a special hat. This hat is the avatar of the game’s creator, making it a meaningful collectible.

Starfruit Sculpture

A screenshot of the Starfruit sculpture above the grandfather's shrine in Stardew Valley
Starfruit sculpture above grandfather’s shrine

Finally, a Starfruit sculpture will appear above your grandfather’s shrine, signifying the perfect legacy of your farm.

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