Stardew Valley’s Most Expensive Items: Top 10 Countdown

Hello, friends! Do you know the most expensive item in Stardew Valley? In this article, we will discuss this topic.

Top 10 Most Expensive Items in Stardew Valley

Rank Item Price
10th Iridium Band 1,000 gold
9th Truffle Oil 1,491 gold (with Artisan profession)
8th Pomegranate and Peach Saplings 1,500 gold each
7th Radioactive Bar 4,500 gold (with Blacksmith profession)
6th Galaxy Soul 5,000 gold
5th Magic Rock Candy 5,000 gold
4th Treasure Chest 5,000 gold
4th Iridium Star Starfruit Wine 6,300 gold
3rd Iridium Star Gem Berry 6,000 gold
2nd Tiger Slime Egg 8,000 gold
1st Legendary Fish 10,000 gold (with Angler and Fisher skills)


  • Iridium Band – Priced at 1,000 gold, the Iridium Band actually wouldn’t make it into the top 10 based on its selling price alone. However, to discuss a wider range of items, I’ve grouped similar ones together. Weapons, rings, and shoes can all be sold at Marlon’s shop, including unthrowable weapons like the Neptune’s Glaive and Trident. Their prices aren’t very high though, with the most expensive ones like the Magma Sparker and Crabshell Ring selling for 1,000 gold. Other rings are even cheaper, and the Infinity Hammer only sells for 850 gold. Shoes are mostly a few hundred gold, and Marlon buys them as if they were scrap metal. It’s better to save them in a common chest if you’re not strapped for cash.
  • Truffle Oil – Priced at 1,491 gold with Artisan profession. Truffle Oil is affected by the Artisan profession, but there are many other oils that also benefit from it. These oils can be made using an Oil Maker and can be bought directly from the store, probably to prevent players from abusing the skill system. Iridium Star Truffle sells for 1,250 gold, which is less than Truffle Oil, but processing it is more troublesome and doesn’t increase the selling price much. Other animal products also don’t sell for as much as Truffle Oil, like Iridium Star Ostrich Egg (1,440 gold), Iridium Star Golden Egg (1,200 gold), and Iridium Star Goat Cheese (1,120 gold). Animal products seem to be too cheap.
  • Pomegranate and Peach Saplings – Priced at 1,500 gold each. There are eight types of saplings in the game, with six available in Pelican Town and two on Ginger Island. Saplings can be planted or sold, and their prices aren’t low. However, their purchase prices are even higher. Apple and Orange saplings sell for 1,000 gold, Cherry, Mango, and Banana for 850 gold, and Apricot for 500 gold. The prices seem to be set randomly by the game creator. Since saplings are rare and cannot be propagated for selling, their high prices are of little use.
  • Radioactive Bar – Priced at 4,500 gold with Blacksmith profession. It might seem incredibly expensive, but it’s also very hard to obtain with a very low drop rate. Besides selling it to complete the collection or making clothes, it has three uses: crafting a Heavy Tapper, which is a double-efficiency tapper but not very useful; making a Deluxe Fertilizer, which is a waste of resources; and exchanging it for Galaxy Souls. So miners still rely on Iridium Bars, which sell for 1,500 gold each and are available in large quantities.
  • Galaxy Soul – Priced at 5,000 gold. Galaxy Souls are used to forge Galaxy weapons into Infinity weapons. Each weapon requires three Galaxy Souls, and the forging process retains any prior weapon enhancements and enchantments but not any visual effects. There are many ways to obtain Galaxy Souls, such as purchasing them for 47 Qi Gems at the Qi Walnut Room,exchanging 10 Radioactive Bars for one at the Ginger Island merchant after defeating 50 buffed monsters each month, or obtaining them as drops from monsters in the Enhanced Mines and Enhanced Skull Caverns. However, these methods can be challenging and time-consuming, so players generally don’t consider selling them.
  • Magic Rock Candy – Priced at 5,000 gold. Tied for fifth place with the Galaxy Soul, the Magical Ice Cream’s value is not determined by its rarity but rather by its selling price. However, compared to its benefits, the selling price is relatively low. If it were priced at 10,000 gold, I would not hesitate to buy a dozen. The primary source of Magical Ice Cream is the Desert Trader, who exchanges it for three Prismatic Shards on Thursdays, limiting players to one per week. Each Prismatic Shard sells for 2,600 gold, so let the trader make a profit. In fact, all universal gifts are quite expensive, with Pearl selling for 2,500 gold, Golden Pumpkin also for 2,500 gold, and Iridium Star Rabbit’s Foot for 1,356 gold. Knowing this, it’s easier to decide which gifts to give.
  • Treasure Chest – Priced at 5,000 gold. The reason for the high price, like the previous items, is to prevent spoilers. Treasure Chests are not affected by any skills, so their ranking is higher. There are several ways to obtain Treasure Chests, such as a 0.24% chance from fishing chests, a 3.7% chance from artifact troves, and a 0.3% chance when there are nine or more Ghostfish in the fish pond. The only guaranteed way to get a Treasure Chest is through Secret Note 16, by digging in the spot marked with an X at the train station. Treasure Chests are helpful in the early game, but they become less useful later on, serving as materials for pirate hats. Surprisingly, villagers dislike Treasure Chests, which is puzzling because, in reality, most people would welcome them.
  • Iridium Star Starfruit Wine – The Pelican Town Winery is renowned for its wine production. Starfruit has the highest base selling price of 750 gold among fruits, and Starfruit Wine’s base selling price is 2,250 gold. With the Artisan skill, it is 3,150 gold, and when aged to Iridium Star quality in casks, it sells for 6,300 gold. The Artisan and quality bonuses make the wine nearly ten times more valuable, making it a top choice for players seeking quick profits. Iridium Star Ancient Fruit Wine sells for 4,620 gold, slightly less than Starfruit Wine, but since it can be harvested multiple times per season, and its weekly harvest cycle matches the wine-making process, it is a convenient and popular option for leisurely players. Other fruit wines and jams will not be discussed here, as they would occupy too many spots in the top ten if all were included.
  • Iridium Star Gem Berry – With a base selling price of 3,000 gold, Gem Berries have the highest base selling price of any crop. The Iridium Star quality sells for 6,000 gold. However, since it is neither a fruit nor a vegetable, it cannot be made into wine or preserves, limiting its potential. If Gem Berries could be made into wine, they would outshine Starfruit and Ancient Fruit. Two factors limit their potential: their long growing cycle of 24 days (or 13 days with top-tier growth accelerators and the Agriculturist skill) and their seeds being unavailable for bulk purchase. The only source of seeds is the Traveling Cart in spring and summer, requiring players to use half of their harvest for seeds and reducing potential profits. Under these conditions, Gem Berries struggle to rise to prominence.
  • Tiger Slime Egg – With a base selling price of 8,000 gold, Tiger Slime Eggs have the highest base selling price of any item. However, they are not affected by any skills, so they can only claim second place. To obtain Tiger Slime Eggs, players must first build a Slime Hutch, then kill all Tiger Slimes for a 1% drop chance. Thieves, on average, need to kill 50 Tiger Slimes for one egg. Tiger Slime Eggs can be used to hatch Tiger Slimes, which can then breed with other colored Slimes. Due to the Tiger Slime’s RGB color value of 255, 255, 255, their offspring have a high probability of being white Slimes, which always drop diamonds. This makes them an interesting option for casual players. Other Slime Egg varieties are also quite valuable, with Purple Slime Eggs selling for 5,000 gold, Red Slime Eggs for 2,500 gold, Blue Slime Eggs for 1,750 gold, and Green Slime Eggs for 1,000 gold.
  • Legendary Fish – With a base selling price of 5,000 gold and an Iridium Star quality price of 10,000 gold, Legendary Fish are highly valuable. With the Angler and Fisher skills, their selling price reaches 15,000 gold. Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the high selling price of these items is due to the quality skills and processing bonuses they receive. Other legendary fish varieties are also quite valuable, with Iridium Star quality and skills applied: Crimsonfish sells for 4,500 gold, Anglerfish for 2,700 gold, Glacierfish for 3,000 gold, and Mutant Carp for 3,000 gold. Some players argue that the legendary fish are not as challenging as Catfish, but their value is determined by their price, not their difficulty. In previous game versions, the Legendary Fisherman strategy involved infinite fishing for the Spring Legendary Fish. However, in the current version, each of the five legendary fish can only be caught once per save file in single-player mode, and once per player in multiplayer mode. Due to their rarity, players often display them as trophies. Those wishing to frequently challenge or fish for legendary fish to earn money can only do so in the late game by completing Mr. Qi’s second-generation Legendary Fish quests.
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In summary, the top 10 most valuable items in the game are heavily influenced by quality skills and processing techniques. While some items may be easier to obtain or more popular among casual players, it’s essential to take advantage of the right skills and strategies to maximize profits. As the game evolves, new strategies may arise, providing even more opportunities for players to earn money and progress through the game. Whether you’re a laid-back player or someone who enjoys maximizing efficiency, these top-value items are sure to help you make the most of your time in the game.

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