Harvesting Stardew Valley: A Silo Guide

Stardew Valley Silo is a type of farm building that you can buy from Carpenter’s Shop. This Farm building will take two days to build. When the building will be completed then you can store hay in it.


Each Stardew Valley Silo can store up to 240 hay. If any of you owns multiple silos, then you can see the capacity of all silos as well as the total storage of the Farm.

You people can add Hay to the silo in various ways:-

  1. There is a 50% possibility to get 1 Hay in your Stardew Valley Silo by cutting grass on the farm with a scythe.
  2. You can also buy Silo from Marnie’s Ranch for 50g and that can be added by right or left-clicking on the silo while holding the hay as well.
  3. While Harvesting Wheat you can obtain Hay and that Hay can be added to a silo in the same way.

Hay is stored in the Stardew Valley Silo which can be accessible from hay hoppers, which are situated inside the Coops. Hay is used for feeding the animals in Stardew Valley.

Some Tips

  1. Stardew Valley Silo is the best option as the primary building to be purchased. Silo needs some resources to build. You must have to keep a good stock of Hay for the needs of any animal.
  2. If you will cut grass with a sword or similar weapon then, that will not provide any Hay. Only a scythe will stock the silo.
  3. During the winter season, all grass dies and all the farm animals depend on hay for the entire season. So, you must have to remember, to cut more grass to fill the whole silo, before the end of the fall.
  4. You can also store Hay in a Chest, instead of buying too many silos. Hay which is stored in the Chest can be moved to the Stardew Valley Silo when necessary.

Stardew Valley Clay

In Stardew Valley, Clay is an important and useful resource. You will need clay on your farm to make many different things such as:- brick floors, retaining soil, Fish ponds to gift fish, a garden pot, and also for building Stardew Valley Silo on your farm. Obtaining a huge amount of Clay can take a little more time.

Five different ways to obtain Clay in Stardew Valley.

  1. Digging up sand.
  2. Digging up Artifact spots.
  3. Opening up Geodes.
  4. Digging up dirt.
  5. You can receive Clay as a gift.

You’ll need a hoe to dig up the sand and dirt. Artifact spots can be found within the world. If you have a small space on the farm and you are not using that space then you can start digging there for Sand and Dirt. Then you will receive some Sand and Dirt, but that will be rare. In the same way, you can go for Artifact spots.

To get Geodes, you will have to explore levels 1 to 39 of the Mines. You must go for Standard Geodes, not for the Frozen, Omni Geodes, or Magma that will be available in the Mines’ lower level. After receiving Geodes, you will have to take Geodes to a blacksmith or Clint. Their Shop is located across the bridge in the east of the town. His shop will open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. That will cost 25 gold pieces to open it.The last option is to get clay. You can get clay as a gift during the Feast of Winter Star from Vincent or Jas. The Feast of Winter Star will only occur during the 25th Winter from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the main town. So, there is limited opportunity to get Clay.

Stardew Valley Barn

Stardew Valley Barn is just a type of farm building. The barn can be purchasable and upgradeable from Robin at the Shop of Carpenter. It will take 2 days to upgrade and 3 days to build.

The barn is a home for pigs, goats, cows, and sheep. If you have unlocked any animal after building the Barn then you will have to place that animal in any other non-upgraded barns which you have built.

Barn Animals can be stuck outside at night if the doors of the barn are closed. An animal stuck outside the barn the mood of that animal will be “grumpy”. The Animals stuck outside the Barn can be subject to Wild Animals Attack.

Stardew Valley Hay

Stardew Valley Hay is a dried Grass. Hay is used to feeding your Farm Animals. You can place Hay into the Shipping Bin but that yields 0g.

Hay is harvested from Grass with the help of Golden Scythe or Scythe, as long as you will keep your Stardew Valley Silo unfilled on the farm. By using Golden Scythe, there is a 75% possibility of producing 1 Hay at a time.

But if you will use Scythe then, there is only a 50% possibility of producing 1 Hay at a time. Must Remember, Grass can also be cleared with the help of any Weapon or Bomb. Hay which is harvested from Grass should be placed immediately into the Silo of your Farm. Each one of the Stardew Valley Silo has the capacity to store up to 240 pieces of Hay. You can withdraw Hay (stored in Silos) with the help of Hoppers which you can find in Barns and Coops. By right-clicking, a Hopper will distribute all the Hay equally among all animals living in your Farm building.You can also obtain Hay while harvesting wheat. But there is a 40% possibility that each one of the harvested Wheat will give 1 unit of Hay. This Harvested Hay will be added to the inventory of the player (or in the Junimo Hut storage, if that is harvested by Junimos) — it will not go directly to the Stardew Valley Silo.You can buy Hay from Desert Trader who sells 3 Hay in exchange of 1 Omni Geode or you can buy it from Marnie’s Ranch. Marnie will send you 10 Hay in the Mail for 50g.
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